Finally! FINALLY! The big Interiorator Hallway Makeover that started last April is finished. You can’t believe how happy I am this project is D-O-N-E! It all started as a little test – I followed an interior design masterclass by Abigail Ahern in London, got inspired by the dark walls and ceilings and thought it would be a splendid idea to paint the hallway in a beautiful dark blue – because it looked way beyond terrible when we moved in. At first, the paint I used would not dry properly. Which was a major letdown because it turned it’s actually a lot of work to paint six friggin’ doors. I abandoned the project for the summer and continued in September with Histor paint. First a color named ‘Murene’ that wasn’t quite what I had in mind and then with ‘Majeur’ which was spot on.

Luckily, the lighting was absolutely right. I got six Lival CB-500 rail spots to light all the artworks I hired at the local Kunstuitleen (a cool concept that I have written about before). The silly Pink Panther mirror started out as a joke but actually works quite well now that I see the pictures. And that giant second hand goat herder lamp I got on Marktplaats definitely caused quite a stir when I took it home on the train. As you can see, it’s always better to have something interesting reflect in the mirror – a little trick I picked up from la Abigail.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very pleased with the result. So pleased actually, that I’ve decided to paint the entire apartment in the same color, starting with the bedroom. This weekend I’m starting on a DIY chandelier – a cool project that is sponsored by Snoerboer. Should be interesting!


Interiorator Hallway Makeover 00


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