Forget Hollywood Regency, forget the pineapple and by all means, forget all Scandinavian design except for Svenskt Tenn – next year’s HOTTEST home accessory is…cue orchestra, cue show dancers…the ceramic fruit topiary! Yes, what your life is sorely lacking right now (and you didn’t even know it) is a vintage ceramic fruit pyramid. At least, that what the voices in my head kept telling me after I started seeing them all over the place. The good news is that not only do I have two ceramic fruit topiaries to show you today, but also that OMG you can buy them from me. I sh*t you not! After all, I spent months writing for a well-known Dutch vintage design blog and figured the time had come to start dealing myself.

The Ceramic Fruit Topiary Trend – Patient Zero

Now, before I show you the two ceramic fruit topiaries I’m selling, let me show you Patient Zero of interior design trend numero uno first. Here it is, disguised as a table lamp base at PAULETTE in ‘t Stad in Antwerp. Now wait a minute, I hear you think. Weren’t you in Antwerp like six months ago? We all saw the one, two, three photos you shared on Instagram! We saw chairs, we saw sofa’s – but no evidence of a fruit topiary. Yep, you’re right – I kept it all to myself. The reason? Well, I seriously wanted to buy it myself but didn’t have €295 lying around at the time!

Ceramic topiary at Paulette in 't Stad in Antwerp /// Buy yours on INTERIORATOR BOUTIQUE

And then in late August, I was at the Braderie de Lille. And wherever I looked at Europe’s biggest vintage and antiques market, I kept seeing fruit topiaries. Not nearly as big and beautiful and the one I’d seen earlier at PAULETTE in ‘t Stad – but still, impressive enough to take a photo of.

Ceramic Fruit TopiaryCeramic Fruit Topiary

Tadaa….two ceramic fruit topiaries that you can buy right now!

ceramic lemon topiary

So, without further ado, let me show you what I have on offer for you today. First, there’s this lemon pyramid. It’s 42 centimeters tall – not too big, not too small. More importantly, it has a 1 centimeter hole in the bottom – perfect if you want to turn this topiary into a lamp base! This baby can be yours for € 149. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

Ceramic fruit pyramid - you want it, don't you? Buy it at INTERIORATOR BOUTIQUE Ceramic pears, lemons and oranges - up close and personal! Figs! Cherries! Get your ceramic fruit pyramid at INTERIORATOR BOUTIQUE today

At 61 centimeters tall, ceramic fruit topiary number two really is something else. It’s big, it’s detailed and it’s just begging to become the latest addition to your überhip pad. The price? A very reasonable €199! Again, let me know if you’re interested.


PS: You might want to check out the Braderie de Lille as well if you’re looking for a ceramic fruit topiary.