It’s Sunday afternoon. March 15, 2015. And my head is still reeling. Yes, I went to TEFAF 2015 yesterday and I’m suffering from Stendhal Syndrome so badly even Mr. Stendhal himself would feel extremely sorry for me and say, there there Interiorator – just take a chill pil and calm the fuck down will ya? And you know what? I’d say to him – Let me lay it on the line for you, Stendy! Life does NOT – I repeat does NOT – get any better if you’re into art and design as heavily as I am. TEFAF is the non plus ultra of art fairs and I have over forty (or so) pictures to prove it to you. And as Indiana Jones would say – THIS STUFF BELONGS AT A MUSEUM! Except it’s not at a museum and that’s all the more reason you really, really should visit TEFAF right now. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to see world’s very best art that is bound to end up in private hands. Go see it while you can – you have until March 22, 2015.

TEFAF 2015 – This stuff belongs in a museum!

Vanderven Oriental ARt

A priceless thingamagig to get in the mood at Vanderven Oriental Art

Robbig MünchenRobbig MünchenRobbig MünchenRobbig München The Röbbig München exhibition stand is without a doubt THE most expensive I’ve ever seen!

Hartmann Schedel book

A rare Hartmann Schedel book from 1493 that still looks amazing today. And if you don’t know what Hartmann Schedel is…well, neither did I but I looked it up, so there.

Bernhard de Grunne

Mirrored display at Bernhard de Grunne

Oceanic Mask

A mask at Galerie Meyer Oceanic Art

At the Couturier by Jan Sluijters

At the Couturier by Jan Sluijters – what a lovely painting! 

Flore de BrantesHervé van der StratenFlore de BrantesFlore de BrantesWim Delvoye

Oh. My. God. The Flore de Brantes exhibition stand was by far my favorite part of TEFAF. That tapestry! That blue cabinet by Hervé van der Straten! And that gothic church truck thing by artist Wim Delvoye – I was speechless. I was without speech (yes, I’m quoting Seinfeld here).

Sam FoggSam Fogg

I love you, Sam Fogg!

Mallett Antiques

Will you just check out this cabinet at Mallett Antiques? Yowsa!

Axel Vervoordt

It doesn’t get any more tasteful than Axel Vervoordt, now does it? 

Nam June Paik

Imagine having this gigantic artwork by Nam June Paik in your living room!

Demisch DanantDemisch Danant

Demisch Danant – I could say those two words all day!

Ulrich Fiedler

Ulrich Fiedler served up some ultra rare furniture at his stand.

Danish wall system

I’m sure you’re going to get all tingly in you nether regions if you’re into Danish Design.

Jane Fonda Andy Warhol

Oh look, it’s Jane Fonda by Andy Warhol! 

Merrin Gallery New York

Merrin Gallery New York. Didn’t take the time to enter the stand and I’m eternally sorry.

Random Triangle Mirror Anish Kapoor

Random Triangle Mirror Anish Kapoor

Judging by the number of selfies people were taking at his brand new Random Triangle Mirror, artist Anish Kapoor has a another hit on his hands.

Baton Twister by Duane Hanson

Baton Twister by Duane Hanson was one of the many crowd pleasers at Van de Weghe Fine Art

Beres Chopard leopard cabinet

You don’t know how long I had to wait to get a clear shot of this leopard cabinet at Berès!

Robilant + VoenaRobilant + Voena

Robilant + Voena – another personal favorite of mine at TEFAF! And let’s face it, that combination of Marilyn Monroe with a second century Roman (or is it Greek) head is styling at its best.

Jacob Van Hulsdonck

Lunch is served! A still life by Jacob Van Hulsdonck makes my stomach growl.

Bernhard Shapero

Rare books and prints galore at Shapero.

Coll & Cortes

Is it a darkroom? Is it an exhibition stand? It’s Coll & Cortes, you silly!

Carolle Thibaut Pomerantz

Can you think of a more tasteful name than Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz? I dare you!

Niyoku IkutaNiyoku Ikuta

Glass objects by Niyoku Ikuta at the stylish as ever Yufuku exhibition stand.

Nobuyiki Tanaka

I can’t take it anymore! This Nobuyiki Tanaka object at Yufuku is just too damn much good taste to handle!

Orbiter 4 lunar print

Okay, one more then. Check out this original NASA Orbiter 4 lunar print at Daniel Blau – an absolute steal at 8,000 dollars!


PS: For more TEFAF eye candy, check out the blogpost I wrote on its 2018 edition. Delish!