Sa-WEET! I unbox my new Tivoli Music System Three+, put it on the table and think to myself: this baby will be going places!

No way?! Yes way!! You can win a Tivoli Music System Three+! Find out all the details at the end of this blogpost. To get you in the mood, I’ve created a special INTERIORATOR X TIVOLI AUDIO MUSIC SYSTEM Spotify playlist. 

I’ve been big fan of Tivoli Audio ever since I got to try the Tivoli PAL BT last summer. It has been my faithful travel companion ever since and has seen many, many hotel rooms. And so you can imagine I was definitely looking forward to using this new hifi-system from The Original Radio Company. I haven’t owned a car for a few years now (taking the train is sooo much better for the environment), I’m not really familiar with the latest technological developments in the radio industry.

The Tivoli Music System Three+ in my kitchen /// More on Interiorator.comIn my kitchen, the Tivoli Music System Three+ looks great and sounds even better.

Which makes my surprise even bigger when I turn on the tuner and instantly hear music that is crystal clear. I press the ‘+’ button, fully expecting to hear a few seconds of annoying static before I find the next radio station in the air waves. But no, every station starts instantly and they’re all there, stored automatically. I even find a few I haven’t heard of before! It turns out that this is my first experience with DAB+ digital radio. I take the Three+ to the kitchen and prepare dinner as I listen to Radio 10 Gold. I like the comfort of an oldies station from time to time, so sue me.

It’s a balmy night and so my husband and I decide to eat outside on our balcony. We take the Tivoli outside and as the summer night city lies beneath us we take turns playing our favorite songs on Spotify. All we have to do is activate Bluetooth, pick a song and start belting. A night to remember, if I say so myself.

The Tivoli Music System Three+ in living room /// More on Interiorator.comDance music at dusk in the living room (that green light object comes from Kunstuitleen Rotterdam).

And so here I am now, writing the gripping saga that is today’s blogpost. The Tivoli stands behind me on the floor (do you like the new white wall to wall Desso carpeting by the way?) and as it plays dance music from, after many years still my one-stop destination for eclectic internet radio. I spend some time thinking about the final paragraph. And this is what I decide on:

The Tivoli Music System Three+ is definitely worthy of the Interiorator seal of approval – it’s an amazingly versatile music machine that looks great and sounds great wherever you want to use it’. It is available in white, black and a limited copper edition. With the optional wooden cabinet in walnut, cherry, Piano white or black ash you can customize your Tivoli to your heart’s content. Find out more on


Yes, you’ve read that correctly! I get to give away a Tivoli Music System Three+. And yes, you can choose your own color and wood cabinet. Entering the competion is easy! 

1 – Sign up for the Tivoli Audio newsletter by leaving your e-mail address right here.

2 – Let me know in the Facebook comments session which song, podcast, DAB+ or internet radio station you’d play on your Tivoli Music System Three+. And don’t forget to tell me why!

I’ll announce the winner on August 15, 2015. 

UPDATE: We’ve got a winner! I’m in the midst of a major makeover of the living room and as you can see I had a pretty hard time finding a spot that looked halfway decent (do you like the new white wall-to-wall carpeting by Desso by the way?). Anyway, I had a great time reading all your suggestions. Here’s the drawing! 

PS: Sad you didn’t win? Don’t cry!  My good friend and fellow blogger Desiree of told me that she’ll be running a similar competion soon.

And to prove to you that the drawing was 100 per cent legit, here’s a close up of all the entries: 

Tivoli Winnaar Facebook