Every great day starts the night before. When you think about it, the eve Mattress slogan makes perfect sense. After all, what makes a good mattress, is not necessarily how you sleep on it. It’s how you wake up on it! I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the Netherlands to try an eve Mattress – and of course, I’m going to tell exactly how I woke up this morning. First though, I’d like you to meet Kuba Wieczorek, the creative mastermind behind the first and most successful online mattress retailer in Europe.

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eve Mattress

Hi Kuba! Before you tell me everything about eve Mattress, I need you to clear up one thing. How does a professional photographer like you get involved with a mattress company?

“My original background is in advertising – I was a creative for many advertising agencies in the Nineties. But because I really enjoyed photography, I started shooting more and more little campaigns for clients. Whenever we were pitching, I would do the images. Then in 2003, I worked on the famous Sony bouncing balls commercial. That was my project. The original photographer had let us down and I said: ‘I guess I’ll shoot it!’ I ended up doing all the stills and all the press adverts. Two months after the campaign, I resigned and became a fulltime photographer.”

What an amazing story!

“I spent the next ten years shooting advertising, I worked with quite a few fashion brands. I have also worked for Channel 4, which is where I did the Superhumans campaign for the 2012 Paralympic Games. I’m still very proud of that. Then in 2014, I got a call from my cousin. I had just resigned from Channel 4 to start my own branding and advertising agency. ‘I want to sell a mattress,’ my cousin said and then he told me all about the product he had developed. Because he had no idea about branding or communication, he asked me if I could consult with him for a few weeks. In the end, I joined him as a partner and we set the business up together. It’s amazing how short a time ago that was. In less than two years, we’ve spread to six countries. We now employ fifty people. It’s crazy!”

I love the brand story behind eve Mattress. How did you develop it?

“A brand has to be built on an idea or an insight. There are so many brands that have no idea behind them, especially in the sleep industry. I started out by researching every single mattress brand on the market. What I found interesting is that they all looked similar and behaved in the same way. They all talked about sleep, about dreams. They all had fluffy clouds on their website with people fast asleep. Nobody was awake, there were no bright colours and nothing looked interesting. I found it so weird that an entire industry had decided that just because they sell mattresses, they all had to whisper to their consumers in their TV ads. “Our dream sale is now on! Fifty per cent off….shhhh!” And I thought that was just rubbish. I realised that the whole industry was asleep and I wanted to wake it all up. A great night’s sleep makes you feel just amazing in the morning. Once I had that concept in my head, everything became easy. The name Eve means life in Greek. Yellow is the colour of energy and positivity. And the semi-circle in our logo denotes a sunrise. When we launched, everyone told us: “You can’t have a yellow mattress!” But why not? A – it looks cool, B – it’s covered up and C – it’s what we believe in. Our mattresses were built on a really simple and universal insight which was if you sleep well you feel great in the morning.”

What has been the biggest challenge in your work for eve Mattress so far?

“I guess when we launched it was persuading people that they could buy a mattress online without either touching it, lying on it, smelling it, sitting on it or bouncing on it. We were the first online mattress retailer to launch in the UK. And when you’re the first, you have to do a lot of education. You have to communicate to consumers that everything is fine because you get a hundred days to try your new mattress at home. And if you don’t like it, you get a full refund.

The other challenge was that we were a totally new brand. How do you give consumers enough confidence in you that they’ll part with so much money for a mattress from a company they don’t know yet? The best thing we ever did was invest in branding from day one. Finally, we had a business challenge as well. Part of investing in branding is getting your story out there. We went on an aggressive money raising journey for the first months of our launch. We really focused our efforts on meeting all our potential investors. In the end, we raised enough money via two absolutely fantastic venture capital funds.”

Do you have an eve Mattress at home?

“Of course! My whole family sleeps on eve Mattresses, my wife and I have four children. We deliver on bicycles here in the UK. It’s such a nice branding tool. Seeing a cyclist with a big yellow mattress box on the front is a lovely thing. And it goes back to our brand. We’re about energy, getting up, doing stuff. People just love seeing the eve cyclists around town.”

I’m going to sleep on my own eve Mattress next week. I understand that I have to let it rest a while after I take it out of the box, right?

“Yes, the way we get it in the box is we suck all the air out of the mattress. Because it’s vacuum packed, you have to air it for a day or two. Believe me, it will be perfect. It’s not just the brand we’re passionate about. What we’re really proud of here at eve Mattress is the product. We’re trying to stand out. I would never have done this if the product wasn’t good. My cousin spent four years developing it before he called me. We pride ourselves on our reviews and the content that our customers send back to us. The main thing that makes our hearts swell with pride is that people just love the product. That really is the foundation on which everything at eve Mattress is built.”

eve Mattress in the living room of InterioratorYup, my bedroom makeover is still in full swing – which that is exactly why I’m sleeping in the living room this week. 


Okay, so here’s where I tell you what it’s like to sleep on an eve Mattress. Let me start out by saying I was still reasonably happy with my previous mattress. After all, I had carefully selected it after many hours of research in mattress shops around the city. I was quite surprised to find out that eve Mattress only makes one product. After all, when a company only makes one product, it must be really good. The only choice I had to make, was the size I needed for my bed. Easypeasy! I decided on two 90 x 200 cm mattresses, which were delivered within days in two compact rectangular boxes. There was even a one-day delivery option – pretty amazing, right? Unboxing my new mattresses was an experience. When I unpacked them, they looked surprisingly flat. They inflated really quickly though and ended up looking thick and firm. Sweet! Obviously the bright yellow sides make an eve Mattress really stand out. But I also loved the small design touches, like the subtle label that simply says: “Hello!”

Now, I had only slept on a foam mattress once when I stayed over at a friend of mine years ago. Even though it was autumn, I hated how hot the foam got. And so I really wanted to find out how cool my new Eve mattress would be. Also, I don’t know about you but I sleep on my side. A lot. And for the last year or so, I’ve been waking up with a sore shoulder. I guess my old mattress isn’t as firm as it used to be.

As I sit here and write this review after my first night on an eve Mattress, it is exactly 7:39 AM. Because my bedroom makeover isn’t quite finished yet, I decided to break in my brand new Eve mattress right here in the living room. I wasn’t really tired last night but decided to go to turn in a bit earlier than usual. No matter what time I go to sleep, however, I have the same ritual. I make a playlist of my favourite podcasts, put in my earphones and then gradually doze off. But as I sit here after what has admittedly been a great night’s sleep, I realise that I don’t even remember the first ten minutes of the first podcast I listened to. I must have fallen straight asleep. I even woke up before the alarm clock went off – I love it when that happens, don’t you? – got up and then immediately wrote this review. Which is a pretty good sign, because usually I need a serious amount of caffeine to get me going. And now that I think of it, my eve Mattress stayed cool throughout the night AND I didn’t wake up with a sore shoulder. Thanks eve!

Do you want to order your own eve Mattress online? Find out more on www.sleepeve.nl!