Right about now would have been the time I would have gone on a vintage shopping trip to the Grande Rédérie in Amiens. Unfortunately, a little something called Corona happened this spring. And so here I am, cooped up at home and wondering what to do on my day off. It is all so mind-blowingly boring and I’m sick of going out with a mask and my hand gel. I spent the few weeks assembling all the old Lego sets I had in the late 70s and early 80s. It’s not necessarily something I enjoyed doing, but I definitely *will* appreciate the coinage once I’ve sold everything. With a little luck, I’ll be able to spend it on one of the big French flea markets later this year. Or next year, who knows how things will turn out? Things are going to be okay at one point, right? Right?  For now, we’re going to hell in a handbasket…but not before I share some more photos of the Lille Flea Market. I’d say, feast your eyes on everything you see, pretend you’re there and don’t forget that things will go back to normal one day. Screw the new normal, I want the old one! BTW, you can check out part one of my visit to the Braderie de Lille right here.

The Lille Flea Market

Talking about going to hell in a handbasket…how about this cute ceramic doggy?

Brass side tables

These brass side tables would look great as nightstands.

frilly vase at the lille flea market

The vase on the left reminds me of how I really should draw more. It’s so pretty!

vulture vase

I’m not exactly known for my orthonological knowledge…so is this a vulture? And is it a vase? Confused at the Lille flea market!

Crystal box

Nice box you’ve got there!

How can I forget what this type of ceramics is called? So frustrating! It’s named after a town in Northern France, I remember, but I forgot which one. It’ll come back to me.

vase longwy

More ceramics from the same place. All I can think of, is that it’s called something de something. Not very helpful, is it? Oh wait, I got it. Faïence de Longwy!

resin hand

I don’t know how anyone could find practical use for a giant resin hand, but that’s really beside the point because it’s amazing. So talk to the hand, ‘cos the face don’t understand.

antique floral screen

Call me an old queen, but  I love stuff like this. Wish I could have taken it home with me, even though I’m not really sure my fellow Flixbus passengers would have appreciated it.

hurry up with my damn croissant

As Kanye West once said, hurry up with my damn croissant! Well, here it is, you silly man!

Seventies stools in multiple colors

In general, I don’t like it when things look too Seventies but I guess in the right setting these stools wouldn’t look half bad.

Bling vases at the braderie de lille

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling!

Cécile would be a great name for this ceramic bird with a lamp coming out of its back.

palm tree lamp

Why I didn’t buy this palm tree lamp at the Lille flea market is one of the universes’s great unsolved mysteries.

Dora Maar vase

This vase is Dora Maar except it’s not. I’m confused and I need a beer. Luckily, there are plenty of cafés lining the Lille flea market!

vintage tea service at the lille flea market

Tea is served! Or is this a coffee service? Oh well, who cares. I’m at the Lille flea market!

glass vendors at the braderie de lille

Pink! Blue! And a lovely shade of radioactive green!

vintage pink glass collection

Sigh. It’s all so damn purty at the Lille flea market!

vintage green glass

More from the same stand. This glass was like 400 euros or something so I put it back on the table quicker than you can say…eeh…something really short.