A while ago, my dear friend Valerie Kuster and I entered a competition by Dutch Elle Decoration. The prize? A private tour of the Pastoeexhibition at the Rotterdam Kunsthal by the coolest curator of cool,Anne van der Zwaag. Valerie and I had a good laugh when we found out we won – especially because we found out right before I went to London for that other prize I’d won. 

Pastoe 23


For those of you who don’t know Pastoe, let me give a short introduction. Pastoe (which rhymes with my favorite color ‘blue’, by the way) is one of the best known and most innovative Dutch furniture design companies. They’ve been in business for 100 years now and so it was time to look back – and forward as well! Together with curator Anne van der Zwaag, Pastoe put together a beautiful and slightly unusual exhibition at the Rotterdam Kunsthal.

We were greeted at the Kunsthal by Pastoe’s Marketing & Strategy Manager Liesbeth Veen and the new Editor in Chief of Dutch Elle Decoration, the one and only Edine Russel. (By the way, I love the new direction Edine is taking with Elle Decoration!) Needless to say, Valerie and I had a great time ooh-ing and aah-ing over all the design on display. We loved how the furniture was arranged not chronologically, but by theme. And since furniture is supposed to be used, we could touch, open and sit on nearly every item on display. Yeah! The three pavilions in which all Pastoe designs were presented, were nothing short of spectacular. One was totally black, one was made out of felt hanging from the ceiling and one was a multi-colored architectural extravaganza (no prizes for guessing which one I liked best). I had to go back a second time to take everything in and to take all the pictures you see at the bottom of this blogpost.

Pastoe 24


It was a feast for both the eye and the stomach, because after the tour, we were treated to lunch at the Kunsthal Café. Of course I had to send my husband a text to say that I’d be running late because I was having lunch with the editor in chief of Elle Decoration (hehe!). What a cool moment that was! And to make things even better, Pastoe gave Valerie and me a copy of the beautiful Like Pastoe coffeetable book. Thank you, Pastoe!


And here comes the surprise! Pastoe was kind enough to sponsor the new Interiorator competition. Yes, you can WIN a copy of the Like Pastoe book. All you have to do is go to www.facebook.com/interiorator , follow my page and write in a comment underneath this blogpost why you want to win the Pastoe book. The competition closes on Friday May 17th at midnight CET. I will announce the winner on Saturday May 18th.

You can visit the Like Pastoe exhibition at the Rotterdam Kunsthal until June 2, 2013. And on May 27, Pastoe will auction off some of the pieces on display. Don’t miss it!

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All photography by Interiorator / Patrick Kooiman

Pastoe 06


A warm reception by Pastoe’s Marketing & Strategy Manager Liesbeth Veen

Pastoe 01


Wow! A personal tour of the exhibition by the fabulous curator Anne van der Zwaag.


Pastoe 07 Pastoe 13 Pastoe 09 Pastoe 10 Pastoe 11 Pastoe 39 Pastoe 38 Pastoe 41


Pastoe 42 Pastoe 15 Pastoe 16 Pastoe 29 Pastoe 30


Pastoe 36 Pastoe 18 Pastoe 21 Pastoe 26 Pastoe 31 Pastoe 32 Pastoe 33 Pastoe 35