The day I stop wanting to change something at home, is probably the day I die. That thought crossed my mind when I finally took some time to go through the photos I took during last year’s edition of Dutch Design Week. I was lucky enough (again) to be selected for the international press tour, which meant that I was whisked around Eindhoven for two and a half days and got to see all the best parts before anyone else. Pretty impressive, right? Because the pace is so high, however, you only get to spent a very limited amount of time at each location. You either have to be really quick with your interviews and photography – or you have to go back later. In any case, out of all the hundreds of designs I saw last year, there was one project that I kept thinking of from time to time: the Wanderlust cabinet by Leandra Eibl.┬áIt’s innovative, colorful and looks stunning – everything I want in a new cabinet. You start with a frame that is available in red, black and a soft pink and then all you have to do is add drawers, trays and multi-colored sliding doors. Now if only I could think of a way to fit it in my living room!

Leandra Eibl