The non plus ultra of vintage design can be found at Sibyllegatan in Stockholm’s Östermalm area. I counted at least five extremely cool vintage furniture stores before I decided to enter Jacksons Design and Decorative Arts. It was the best store on the street – and the only one that was open during the summer (insert frown here). I entered the store, looked around and explained the salesperson that I was in Stockholm to write a blogpost for Dutch department store de Bijenkorf and could I please take some pictures. But of course! As luck would have it, the shop owner himself walked into the store at that very moment. We had a lovely conversation about the city and to make things even better he shared some of his favorite Stockholm addresses for my de Bijenkorf blogpost. It was one of those moments that I realized I really, really love blogging.

Jacksons Design Stockholm /// Interiorator

Jacksons Design Stockholm /// Interiorator

Jacksons Stockholm 03

Jacksons Stockholm 04

Jacksons Stockholm 06

Jacksons Stockholm 07

Jacksons Stockholm 08

Jacksons Stockholm 09

Jacksons Stockholm 10