Yes, you read that correctly. My nephew Kick turned 9 a while ago and, even though much like his uncle he is very well-behaved, I thought I’d teach him a lesson – about interviewing, art direction and photography, that is. Our subject? A new ergonomic beanbag that we could both enjoy. As I approach my mid-late Forties, I realize more and more that yes, it is important to treat your body as well as possible. As for Kick…well, what nine-year old wouldn’t enjoy hanging out on an ultra-comfortable beanbag? Enter the Elly by Terapy! Oh, and Dutchies? Beanbag is English for zitzak in case you were wondering 😉

Terapy Elly bean bag

So Kick, before we start our review of the Elly beanbag, could you please tell the readers of Interiorator a little bit more about yourself? 

Well, my name is Kick and I’m in group 6 of the St. Michaëlschool in Hilligersberg in Rotterdam. My favorite subject is mathematics, it really puts my brain to work.

Do you know what you want to become when you grow up?

Either a car designer or an interior designer. I haven’t made up my mind yet. I really enjoy drawing. Two weeks ago, I designed a racing car with flames on the sides. I’ve been drawing cars since my dad and I visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany last summer.

What are your hobbies?

Mostly playing the piano and the guitar. I switched from karate lessons to field hockey a while ago. I play hockey four times a week at HC Rotterdam.

Terapy Elly bean bag

Ah yes, I remember a while ago we were at a restaurant and you were so excited when the entire men’s team walked in!

Yes! My mother asked Jochem Bakker, who is one of the players, if he could help me get all the players’ autographs. I even got the captain’s autograph!

You always seem so busy! What do you do to relax?

I enjoy gaming and watching gaming video’s on YouTube, like Minecraft and ARK: Survival Evolved. I usually lie on the floor when I’m playing with my PlayStation.

That’s not very comfortable! Let’s talk about the Elly beanbag that Therapy has sent us for our review, okay?

You first showed it to me on the train to Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. We never made it, because I got sick. On the way back, you asked me if I’d like to do a review together.

Terapy Elly bean bag

That’s right! So what did you do to prepare our review today?

I got a new sweater that says FAMOUS. I want Terapy’s beanbags to become famous, that’s why I decided to wear it today. I also looked at the Terapy website and watched some videos. The Elly seems very practical. You can stretch it and you can turn it into the shape of a waterdrop before you sit down on it, which is supposed to be very comfortable. In fact, you can sit on the Elly in lots of different ways.

You saw the Elly in real life for the first time today. Did it look as nice as it did on the photos you had seen online?

It did! I also tried it out, of course. It feels like a chair but it’s a lot softer. I guess it’s perfect if you want to watch a little TV in your room.

Do you think the Elly would make for a good gift for the holidays or for someone’s birthday?

The price may be a bit higher than that of other gifts, but once you have the Elly at home, it is so comfortable no matter how you sit on it.

Terapy Elly bean bag

I know what you mean. My back can get quite painful after a long day and the pain disappeared the moment I sat down on the Elly.

It can be a gift for the entire family. I also like it that there are so many colors to choose from when you buy a Terapy beanbag. White looks nice here at your place.

You helped me out with a photoshoot for the first time today. How did you like it?

I enjoyed trying out different things and finding all the right items. It was also a lot of fun to find the right angle for your camera. You have to look very carefully, which is something I’m very good at. For instance, I noticed that we had to move a cable that was in our shot.

I also showed you the basics of photo editing. How did that go?

First, we made a selection of photos we wanted to edit. We adjusted the light in Lightroom. It’s not as hard as you think once you understand the basics. We also had to use Photoshop. I removed an outlet and a thermostat – they just didn’t look very nice in our photos.

You redecorated your room a while ago. What does it look like now?

 My room is now in the attic of our house. We painted the walls light green. There’s a new white desk and a white bed. There’s more than enough space left for a beanbag, you know?

Well, I guess I have to give the Elly to you then!

Haha, really? I knew it! Thanks, Patrick!

Terapy Elly bean bag

You can buy the Elly and other beanbags from – and as you can see, it makes for a great holiday gift! En nog voor de Nederlanders onder ons: jij wil jij ook zo’n heerlijke grote zitzak van Terapy?