Earlier this week, I was invited by Hans Lensvelt at his home on one of the nicest stretches of the Herengracht. I had written a blogpost a while back about the giant penis hanging outside his building during Elle Inside Design – which was quite a statement, even by Amsterdam standards. I wasn’t quite sure why Hans had chosen to use this particular work of penile art and so he thought it would be a good idea to have me over for a drink to discuss this matter. We had a fascinating evening and shared our thoughts on everything from blogging, Dutch Design and the best roast beef in the country. The penis, alas, never came up.

On my way back out, Hans and I spent a couple of minutes in front of the Ultrafragola mirror in the hallway. As I looked into it and saw Hans’ reflection I realized what a great year this has been so far – and how a giant penis brought me where I was that day. 

Ultrafragola MirrorUltrafragola mirror Ultrafragola mirror Ultrafragola mirror Ultrafragola mirror Poltronova 12 Poltronova 13