Amsterdammers! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a tourist in your own city? Sure you do! Like it or not, Amsterdam is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – and not without reason. As many tourists can tell you, you can PARTY HARDY and then catch some zzz’s at one of the many great hotels around town. If that makes you green with envy, then I have great news for you. Because this weekend – and this weekend only – the locals are taking over. Yes, it’s Hotelnacht Amsterdam and that means you can go to party all night long (and the following day) AND sleep in the lap of luxury at an Amsterdam hotel. I got an invitation last week and needless to say, I’m totally going. Because, let’s face it, there is nothing like going out in Amsterdam (he wrote as his mind drifted off to all those parties of yore)….okay, back to 2018 and Hotelnacht Amsterdam!

The bar at the Hotel TwentySeven should be high on anyone’s list during Hotelnacht Amsterdam – I had some wonderful cocktails there a while ago. 

With over 30 parties and events to choose from, I frankly don’t know where to start this Saturday. Am I going to the Lavish Party at the Pulitzer Hotel for that Roaring Twenties vibe? Does that leave me enough time to check out the new Hotel TwentySeven cocktail bar? Or should I head straight to the Roller Disco at Koepelkerk?  The mind boggles! And the mind will probably be hung over as well, so please mister bartender at Café Stock…make sure you have a Morning After Mimosa ready and waiting for me on Sunday.

Amrath Amsterdam

I am also happy to report that my night will end at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam – because, why not? – and its luxurious sheets will envelop me as I send myself to sleep. I can’t wait to remember it.

Do you want to join me for some great parties and then spend the night at one of Amsterdam’s many wonderful hotels? Get your tickets and book a room now at! – and remember..this one is for Amsterdammers only. Je weet zelluf!