Would you paint out your living room in hot pink? And I’m talking walls, ceiling AND wood work here! That is the $64,000 question that has kept me up at night ever since January 25, 2014 – the day I published a blogpost in utter admiration of a pink living room in – where else? – New York? The answer came to me as a resounding YAAASSS! last summer in Venice when I entered the Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners exhibition room with its hotter than hot pink walls at the Architecture Biennale. This, people, was something that I wanted in my living room like asap. And with a whopping thirty-five litres of Histor Fuchsia paint, my wish came true. Bigly.

Pink living room?!

pink living room set

Top: interior designer Sam Botero’s NY apartment started it all. Bottom: this pink room at the Venice Architecture Biennale pushed me right over the edge. 

My friends collectively called me crazy for doing this. Surely you’re not going to paint out everything in your living room, they asked in utter despair. All that pink will only make your ceiling look even lower than it already is! Why don’t you go for a more powdery shade of pink? We know you, you’ll be fed up with hot pink after a few weeks tops. But alas, all their worries fell on deaf ears. Nothing would come between me and my insane plan to paint out my living room in hot pink. I wanted to make a statement, experiment and go right up to the edge of good taste. So are you ready? Here it is!

My living room is in the pink - thanks to Histor Fuchsia /// More on Interiorator.com

Histor Fuchsia is the color I used for my living room – it looks amazing together with my Parade touch wall to wall white carpeting, if I say so myself. 

Well…what do you think? Are you clutching your pearls? Do I need to pass you the smelling salts? Actually, it’s less extreme than you would think – at least that’s how I see it now that I have been living in my pink living room for a few weeks now. And I guess that if hot pink works, you can make any color work in an interior as long as you stick to that color only. Heck, I even painted out my entire home in dark blue once and even that looked stunning.

pink living room decor

Of course, to make something like this work, you need lots of art. Thanks to Kunstuitleen Rotterdam (again), I was able to borrow some new art works without breaking the bank. I already had a lenticular print of a striped binocular by Woody van Amen and combined it with a boldly striped Ditty Ketting and a photo by Jan de Grauw. Subtlety is not my cup of tea, as you can see.

My living room is in the pink - thanks to Histor Fuchsia /// More on Interiorator.com

The orange and pink blanket by Ingeting (available at the C-More Concept Store by the way) provided the finishing touch for my pink living room.

My living room is in the pink - thanks to Histor Fuchsia /// More on Interiorator.com

Another big change I made was moving the TV to the bedroom. After all, how many flatscreens do you see when you open up an interior design magazine? Exactly zero, that’s how many. Instead, I got this huge photo by Marcha van den Hurk that has fascinated me from the day I hung it on the wall opposite my sofa. It’s definitely a conversation piece when I have people over. BTW, those two crystal lamps were a last-minute addition but I quite like the contrast they provide. Thanks, mother! 😉 So there you have it!

Would you paint out your living room in hot pink? Let me know what you think in the Facebook comments section!