My two Christmas trees are gone, I’m cleaning my apartment and I’ve even found some time to write a new ‘…And More’ blogpost. How about that?

Gods in Color

If there is one exhibition I’d love to see at some point, it’s the Gods in Color exhibition. I’m a bit of a history buff AND I love color, which makes it a match made in Interiorator heaven. Gods in Color shows that all those white marble Greek and Roman statues we all know weren’t actually meant to be white. Instead, they were painted out at the time in vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. Bet you didn’t know that! According to the Gods in Color Wikipedia page, the exhibition has been traveling the world since 2003. It’s not clear yet where it’s going next, but until a new location is announced, I can definitely recommend the excellent page devoted to it by the Frankfurt-based Liebighaus Museum.

Gods in ColorSource: Wikimedia Commons

Steven Bukowski

Proving once again that sometimes the most simple designs are the best, New York designer Steven Bukowski is showing that something as mundane as a side table can look clean yet expressive. I doubt that given the way things are now that I’ll ever visit NYC again, but if I do then I’d love to see Bukowski’s work in real life.

Steven Bukowski

The Catawiki Catch of the Week

Has there EVER been a better job than the one I currently have at Catawiki? I don’t think so! I work in a fantastic team and learn tons of stuff about antiques every single day. It’s hard to pick a favorite item that is currently in auction. If I do have to pick one, however, it would be this mid 19th century clear crystal vase that may or may not be Baccarat. And you know what? I think it would look FANTASTIC on that blue Steven Bukowski side table you see above. Yes, I know…eclecticism is sort of over (is it though?) but they sure would make a spectacular duo.

19th century crystal vase

Kimono My House Garden Kimono

Milestone! I bought my first kimono haha! Well, technically I guess it’s not really a kimono but rather a garden jacket. I saw it in the latest issue of World of Interiors and just had to have it. It’s made by a company in the UK called Kimono My House so I’ll probably be paying through the nose for import duties but hey, you only live once. It’s available in different colors and needless to say, I got the bright green one. I’ll show it on my Instagram as soon as it arrives.


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