Oh dear! That’s about the first thing I thought when I entered the apartment my niece Nathalie and her partner Carlo had just moved into. Sure, it’s cute. And it’s right above Rotterdam’s legendary Prinses Theater. But boy, did they have their work cut out for them! Fast forward six months. With a lot of hard work – and a little guidance from their interior design blogger uncle – Nathalie and Carlo have turned their place into funky chic home. For the dining room, we decided to use Little Greene Thai Sapphire and Juniper Ash.

Now as you may remember, my number one interior design secret is that I always start out with the Little Greene colour chart. It’s not too small and certainly not too big and features colours unlike any other brand. Before we started our makeover, Nathalie and Carlo told me they’d something a bit more grown-up than their previous place without losing its cool and laid back vibe. We agreed we liked the wooden floor, which was painted red by one of the previous tenants. Let me show you the ‘before’ pictures.

Little Greene makeover 02

With its sliding doors, the dining room had a lot of potential. And the wooden floor was quite nice – so we decided to leave it as it was. 

Little Greene makeover 03

Horrible wallpaper and exposed bricks that stood out like a sore thumb. As Sally once said in When Harry Met Sally – we can’t all possibly have good taste! 

Tadaa…the Little Greene Thai Sapphire and Juniper Ash Makeover!

Little Greene Thai Sapphire and Juniper Ash

The first project Nathalie and Carlo started on was painting the sliding doors in Thai Sapphire, a very dark and dramatic shade of purple When I took the picture above, they had done one layer. Surprisingly enough, the second layer totally did the job. Hurray for Little Greene!

Little Greene Thai Sapphire and Juniper Ash /// More on Interiorator.com

This deep red leather Chesterfield chair is Carlo’s most prized possession. We decided to move it from the living room to the dining room and then combine it with a cowhide and all the stuff that was left over after the Mother of all Makeovers that I was working at simultaneously at my own place.

Little Greene Thai Sapphire and Juniper Ash Makeover /// More on Interiorator.com

Here’s Nathalie and Carlo posing for a picture in their new dining room. Cute couple, right? 

Vintage gas stove in front of a Little Greene Juniper Ash wall /// More on Interiorator.com

Nathalie and Carlo painted the walls and the exposed brick in Juniper Ash, an intimate combination of grey and blue. They added a vintage gas stove to keep themselves nice and warm in winter. We added a framed album cover and put some flowers in an old Villa Massa bottle. Who says you have to spend a shitload of money when you’re doing a makeover? 

PS: If I were you, I’d buy my Little Greene paint at De Mooiste Muren in Haarlem!