Whenever I start on a new design project here at home (i.e. every month) and need quick but complete overview of what’s on the market, I go to Flinders.nl.  This amazing webshop has over 15,000 A-brand design items, a lighting-fast customer service department and last but certainly not least – they asked me to pick one product and try it at home. I think I spent a good ten hours contemplating what I wanted before making up my mind. The Common Comrades table by Moooi was high on my list. But then again, why not wait a while and go for a new Fatboy striped parasol or another item from Flinder’s wide range of designer outdoor furniture. After all, it’s only a matter of weeks before spring begins!

In the end, I chose something that I did not necessarily need as a matter of life or death. I let my heart do the talking instead and got a new Tom Dixon Melt Mini pendant lamp. It’s the amazing material that got me. During the day, the Melt Mini has a beautiful mirrored surface. But when you turn it on at night, it becomes opaque and reflects light unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’ve seen a lot. Needless to say, the fact that I got to interview Tom Dixon himself last year, only added to the joy of buying the Melt Mini at Flinders. Enough bragging though. I could have had the Melt Mini sent to me free of charge, but since I’m a busy man I chose to have it delivered at a moment that suited me best – which only set me back E 4,95. There’s also an E 8,95 option for those really primetime delivery times – a price that is still very reasonable, don’t you think?

I hung my new Melt Mini last weekend and couldn’t wait to to take some pictures and show you the result. So here it is, in all its glory. Don’t you think it looks amazing against my dark blue ceiling?

By the way – Flinders is not only a webshop! They also have a five-hundred square meter showroom in Zaandam, which is just north of Amsterdam. And did you know they also cater to business and retailers?

Tom Dixon Melt Mini available at Flinders.nl /// More on Interiorator.comWhen the Melt Mini is turned off, it has a beautiful irregular mirrored surface.

Tom Dixon Melt Mini available at Flinders.nl /// More on Interiorator.comAnd when you turn it on…magic!

Tom Dixon Melt Mini available at Flinders.nl /// More on Interiorator.comThe Melt Mini up close and personal with my one remaining Fornasetti plate (I broke the other one, sob!)

My top 10 favorite pendant lights at Flinders

Now, I can’t imagine you’re not feeling the uncontrollable urge right now to get your own Tom Dixon Melt Mini. But on the off chance you don’t, here are ten other pendant light at Flinders that you might like. And whether you’re on a budget or have money to burn – Flinders is your one-stop destination if you’re looking for the best designer pendant lights on the market. These 10 specimens particularly tickle my fancy:

1 – The Klassik by Frandsen

You don’t have to be rich to have an expensive-looking pendant lamp over your table. Case in point: The Klassik by Frandsen. It’s brass, it’s got class and it’s only 78 euro’s.

Klassik Frandsen brass pendant lamp

2 – Campari by Ingo Maurer

Campari it’s fantasy! If you remember this classic commercial from the Nineties, then I’m sure you will appreciate this Campari lamp by Ingo Maurer. It feels very Nineties, which is just fine because I think that decade deserves a bit of a comeback.


3 – The Calabash by Lightyears

This baby comes in different colors, but if I were you I’d definitely go for red.

Calabash by Lightyears at Flinders

4 – Bridge Two by Dark

Bright colors. Cool concept. This Bridge Two lamp by Dark is just my thing. A steal at 374 euro’s!


5- Star by Normann Copenhagen

Baby, I’m a star! Which is not only the title of one of my favorite songs by Prince but also the name of this pendant lamp by Normann Copenhagen. For a mere 376 euro’s, you can be a star as well.

Original design pendant lamp

6 – Cherry by Petite Friture

The Cherry by Petite Friture lamp look deliciously late Eighties / early Nineties. Just my thang!

Cherry by Petite Friture

7 – Prop Light Double Vertical by Moooi

I’d love to have this vertical pendant lamp in one of the corners of my living room. First though, I’d have to come up with 1,893 euro’s. Anyone?


8 – Fresnel by Dirk van der Kooij

See, I thought this lamp looked familiar when I saw it this afternoon on the Flinders website. I first saw Fresnel by Dirk van der Kooij at the 2016 edition of Object Rotterdam earlier this month. In fact, I was so impressed by it that I took the picture you see below. You can buy the Fresnel for a very reasonable 1,495 euro’s.


9 – Taraxacum by Flos

Well, I guess you’re never too old to learn something new. Today, I learnt that Taraxacum is not only the name of a spectacular lamp by Flos, it’s also Latin for dandelion.


10 – Heracleum The Big O by Moooi.

A 10,000 euro lamp. And why not? If you’ve got the money I say, go for it and knock yourself out. After all, the Heracleum – The Big O by Moooi is jawdroppingly beautiful.

Heracleum The Big O by MoooiWell, I can dream, can’t I?