Remember that twenty-five euro bar cart I got a while ago? Farrow & Ball had asked me if I could #finditpaintitloveit – in other words, find a vintage piece of furniture and then paint it in my favorite color. Well, here’s the result – and I love it! Mission accomplished, don’t you think?

Now, there are couple of tips I want to share with you before you run to your nearest Farrow & Ball dealer to get some of that beautifully deep orange Charlotte’s Locks paint. First, get some good sand paper. I usually go for a medium coarse grit of 80 – 120, which works fine for most untreated wood surfaces. Use something a bit coarser if you want to sandpaper an old layer of paint. Sandpapering is not something I particularly enjoy if I can be brutally honest, but what must be done, must be done I suppose. After you’re done, get a glass of Pinot Grigio wine and then as you feel like starting again, use some thinned ammonia to clean eveything up. Don’t forget to buy a good wood primer by the way – I used the Farrow & Ball Interior Wood Primer & Undercoat / Red and Warm Tones because I needed to make sure the result looked just perfect. I wanted to give my bar cart that glamorous Hollywood Regency feeling and so I used full gloss paint.

So there you have it – a super dooper cool bar cart  (I just saw that Farrow and Ball calls it a drinks trolley – but you get the gist) for the price of twenty-five euro’s and some Farrow & Ball paint! I love little DIY projects like this. By the way, I’ll post some more detailed pictures of all the items I used to decorate my bar cart some time next week.

PS: If you want to see what other bloggers made of this Farrow & Ball Flea Market Challenge, take a look on their special website.

I’d love to hear what you think of the result. Did it inspire you enough to start your own #finditpaintitloveit project? Scroll down to the Facebook comments section and start typing away!

The 'before'picture of my Farrow & Ball #finditpaintitloveit flea market challenge bar cart /// More on

The obligatory ‘before’ picture  – this bar cart definitely had potential!

The 'after'picture of my Farrow & Ball #finditpaintitloveit flea market challenge bar cart /// More on

Tadaaaa! Two nights later and I’m the proud owner of a unique vintage bar cart!