I can’t be spontaneous on a moment’s notice. And that is exactly why I have to plan weeks ahead if I want to do something fun on a day off. A while ago, for instance, I went to the town of Leiden for an afternoon of Christmas bauble shopping at a shop called Faas est.2016. I have not one but two Christmas trees that are filled to the brim with a collection of baubles that must be worth well over 1,000 euros – but leave it to me to buy even more.  It’s an addiction, I tell you! In fact, right after I had met up this morning with my friend Nigel – who, by the way, is a very inspiring young entrepreneur and the mastermind behind Koffiemachine.org – I picked up a flower-shaped bauble at my local supermarket. Not a place you’d expect to find decent Christmas decoration, but I have to say it looks pretty cool next to the broccoli-shaped bauble I bought not even two days ago. But I digress. Today, I want to share with you the photos I took at the Dutch national shopping treasure that is Faas est.2016. You see, for two months a year, this lovely flower shop run by Helmi Faas turns into a true Christmas heaven with so many baubles it will make your head spin. In other words: Bauble trouble! Here, let me show you what I mean.

Faas est.2016

Faas est.2016 in Leiden

Twas a cold winter afternoon when I visited Faas est.2016 together Talk About Style’s Renate Bulte.

Brightly-colored Christmas trees in LeidenHow many different Christmas trees can you cram into a tiny flower shop? Well, a lot! Each tree at Faas est.2016 had a different theme so there was more than enough to look at.  

Ballet baublesThis ballet-themed tree was a little too girly for me, but hey! To each their own, I suppose.

Big Ben BaubleNow this is more like it! I got a Big Ben-shaped bauble just like this one in at Liberty’s in London this year. Or was it last year? God, I’m getting old!

Fast food baubles at Faas est.2016Do fries go with that shake? Well, at least they do in this fast food-themed Christmas tree!

Bacon baubleInsert ‘bringing home the bacon’ joke here. Wish I could have found a coffee cup bauble for my friend Mr. Nespresso Nigel!

Faast est.2016 Christmas treeDo you have a sweet tooth? Then this candy-themed tree might be just the thing for you.

Candy baubles Sweet!

Classic dented baubles at Faas est.2016 There were some more classic dented baubles all the way in the back of Faas est.2016.

Smoking lips bauble  h, for f*ck’s sake, why didn’t I buy this when I had the chance?

Faas est.2016Okay, ONE bauble and that’s IT.

Christmas bauble shopping at Faas est.2016 in LeidenIt’s in the bag!

Merry Christmas Bitches baubleTadaaa..Merry Christmas, bitches! Oh and yes, I bought a blue Christmas tree this year – perfect in my pink living room.