I’m sure more than a few nice old Amsterdam ladies passed the Lensvelt building on Amsterdam’s Herengracht this weekend, clutching their pearls and muttering “Well, I never!” And I must say, I was duly impressed – and a little intimidated – myself by the giant penis hanging from the hoist. This was definitely the Elle Inside Design – Members Only Edition. Inside, it seemed like you couldn’t move without bumping into more enormous erections or voluptuous vagines (as they say in French). Naturally, I felt compelled to delve into the matter and found out that hese gigantic genitalia are part of the Organs series by Atelier van Lieshout. And although I found the statues quite pretty (can a penis be pretty?) and there also was some other design on display, I have to say I left the Lensvelt building with a big question mark hovering over my head.

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