I am not exaggerating when I say that I am really, really happy about where I am in life at the moment. I’m genuinely happy to be single, I have a dog who I love very much and I LOVE my side hustle as an interior stylist at Dutch Seating Company. The best thing that happened to me these past six months, however, is my job as Senior Category Lead Antiques at Catawiki. I cannot begin to express how much I love it! I work with a fantastic team with people, I learn new things from them every day AND I got to go on a little one-day business trip to the Foire de Chatou near Paris last Friday. Now, how cool is that on a scale from nine to ten? Needless to say, I brought my camera so that I could take some photos of all the amazing antiques on display there – and here they are.

Chatou Is Where I’m Living My Best Life

Patrick Kooiman at Chatou

Me living my best life at Chatou.

Zebra print chair at the Foire de Chatou

This zebra print chair makes me think of the chair I photographed at KulikSelzer once. In case you must know, it’s on page 111 of my book VOLUME.

Foire de Chatou

Too much of a good thing is…a good thing.

Sculpture at the Foire de Chatou

When we walked past this sculpture, my Catawiki colleague Constance told me her parents used to have one just like it when she was young. She liked use the bottom part as a piggy bank – without actually thinking ahead about how she’d get the coins back out again.

Foire de Chatou booth

You can’t really go wrong with an antique sidetable, a clock, a mirror and a pair of wall sconces, now can you?

Well, what can I say? It’s all just really, really tasteful!

Amar Dufour at the Foire de Chatou

This booth by Amar Dufour from Dijon definitely cut the mustard (get it?)

Antique lamp at the Chatou antiques market

Who said that antiques are boring?

Amar Dufour planter

If there was one piece I wish I could have taken home with me, it was this amazing planter.

Amar Dufour at the Foire de Chatou

Wonder what’s in the box with the two M’s that’s on the credenza on the left?

Antique clock

Amar opened the box just for us and in it was this totally stunning clock.

Foire de Chatou

I’m preparing a makeover of my bedroom (again, I know) and this would be the perfect nightstand.

Foire de Chatou

Don’t have a thing for dolls but there you go!

Ceramic masks at the Foire de Chatou

On to the next booth! This one featured ceramics in all shapes and sizes.

Ceramic squirrel bookends at the Foire de Chatou

I loved these pink squirrel bookstands. Turned out the asking price was 700 euros but I could have them for 500. I’m sure they’re worth every penny, but they were definitely outside my budget (for now).

Foire de Chatou

Not really sure if this thing has a specific function, but it did look pretty!

Chatou antiques

Gold and yellow – definitely one of my favorite color combinations.

Ceramic Moor

The feet look a bit funny but other than that this little fellow is quite the catch.

African Mask at Chatou

I don’t know the first thing about African masks to be honest.

Pattern design at the Chatou antiques market

The owner of this chair was apparently in a foul mood – he definitely could not appreciate me taking a photo of it. Still, that fabric is quite chic, don’t you think?

Murano Palm Tree lamps

Of course, these spectacular Murano palm tree lamps at Pipat Antiques were already sold, the owner told us.

Here’s another photo because why not.

Eighties Credenza at the Foire de Chatou

The woman on the far right definitely did not appreciate me taking a photo of this Eighties credenza.

Pipat Bordeaux

More delish stuff at the Pipat booth.

Murano Palm Tree lamps

Two more Murano palm tree lamps, this time in a booth that turned out to be run by Pipat Antiques.

Pipat Antiques

Come to Papa…eeeh Pipat!

Eighties credenza Pipat

Now, who said the Eighties weren’t chic?

Gold table

I’m pretty happy with my current Pierre Vandel coffee table, but this one would make for a great upgrade.

Mustard sofa

I really should take some time soon to learn what Louis this is.

Marquetry credenza Chatou

Some spectacular marquetry you would never, ever see on an IKEA credenza.


And another fantabulous credenza! I just KNOW I’m going to own one at some point in my life.

Art Deco set at Chatou

Never really been into Art Deco but this looked quite nice.

Reupholstered antique club chairs at Chatou

These two reupholstered club chairs turned out to be pretty popular when I shared a photo of them on Instagram.

Donut mirror

Think about it. A donut-shaped mirror is like the least practical thing you can come up with as a designer, but you have to admit it looks cool.

Nude sculpture

LOVING the way the stripes in the painting on the left reflect in the mirror on the right.

Ultramarine Chairs

I’m always, ALWAYS, a sucker for anything in ultramarine blue.

Colorful Painting

Nice painting, the asking price of 1,300 euros was a bit steep though. Still, I think you can haggle your way to a better price at Chatou.

Gold Mirror

I’m sure this mirror is a bitch to dust but who cares?

Cute doggy alert

Cute doggy alert at Chatou!


If I were a fabric designer, this is where I’d get my inspiration from.

Chatou antiques market

Oh look, there’s another one just like it.

Chatou antiques

Don’t ask me why, but the combination of the painting and the sculpture really works.

Frog vase

My colleague Annick suggested these frogs might be something for me. What do you reckon?

Respect the cock

Respect the cock! I was *this* close to buying it until one of the experts on my team said that it was not very refined.

PS: For more antiques, check out the blogposts I wrote about the Braderie de Lille!