I love wallpaper. There, I’ve said it. I love browsing over those humongous wallpaper books at the best wallpaper store in the whole wide universe. I love fantasizing which wallpaper I would use for my all the imaginary makeovers I do in my head before I fall asleep. And I especially love the prospect of finally, FINALLY getting a great-looking wallpaper in my bedroom this weekend. Yup – I love wallpaper and I think you should, too. And that is exactly why I feel like grabbing you, dearest reader, shaking you as hard as I can and screaming to your face: IT’S INTERNATIONAL WALLPAPER WEEK! I know, I know, I’m exaggerating. But who can blame me? Everybody loves wallpaper, right? So now that I’ve got you all worked up about wallpaper, let me share with you the agonizing process I went through when the nice people at Graham & Brown asked me which wallpaper pattern I liked best.

Psssst….Graham & Brown is giving a twenty per cent discount if you order wallpaper from their site during International Wallpaper Week! 

1 – Oriental Blue

You have GOT to be kidding me! Only 12 euro’s a roll for the beautiful Oriental Blue? You can do an entire living room for well under 100 euro’s with this wallpaper! Surely Graham & Brown were high when they were setting the price point for this amazing pattern. And whatever they were smoking – I want it!


2 – Star Wars Cartoon

Barely a week goes by that some company doesn’t release some Star Wars this or that. And you know what? I love it! The Empire Strikes Back is tattood on my brain and I can recite it line for line at the drop of a hat. I love it how Graham & Brown chose to combine their Star Wars Cartoon wallpaper with some very PC Scandinavian furniture – such an unusual combination! Oh, and did you know that Star Wars cartoon will only set you back 18 euro’s per roll? I love you! I know. 


3 – Marble Charcoal & Rose Gold

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Rose Gold is da bomb in 2016 – and I really, really wanted to get the Graham & Brown Marble Charcoal & Rose Gold wallpaper for my bedroom but ended up deciding on something else.

international-wallpaper-week-05-marbled-charcoal-and-rose-gold international-wallpaper-week-04-graham-marbled-charcoal-and-rose-gold

4- Honolulu Palm Green

Like 99,9 per cent of the world, I’ve never been to Honolulu. And judging by this Carpenters’ fan video of Honolulu City Lights (God, I love that song) it looks way too much like Benidorm, Spain to spend twenty-four hours flying there. Still, Honolulu sounds so pretty and tropical that I would get the Graham & Brown Honolulu Palm Green wallpaper in a … New York second?

international-wallpaper-week-06-honolulu-palm-green international-wallpaper-week-07-honolulu-palm-green

5 – Knightsbridge Flock Russet

Did you know I once spent a year studying in Bordeaux and that I met an Iranian – whoops, Persian – exchange student there who lived in Knightsbridge. Her stories about living the high life in London all sounded so glamorous! Thank God I can cling onto that memory with the Knightsbridge Flock Russet wallpaper by Kelly Hoppen for Graham & Brown. Yup – this is the pattern I choose for my own bedroom. And I’m glad I did! The quality is truly amazing. The background is nice and shiny but not too shiny. It has what looks like little pieces of fibre in it that makes it even more interesting to look at. And the flock…don’t get me started on the flock! It’s velvety, has a deep-red, almost balsamico-esque look to it and I can’t stop touching it. Can’t wait to get started this weekend! ,

international-wallpaper-week-08-graham-brown-knightsbridge-flock-russet international-wallpaper-week-09-graham-brown-knightsbridge-flock-russet


Wallpaper Week is a celebration of all that is great and good in the world of wallpaper. After the massive success of last year’s National wallpaperweek, launched in the UK, there is now an international edition with events,  cool tips & tricks that will make wallpapering supereasy and – yes, you’re reading this correctly – lots of beautiful fashion models around the world wearing wallpaper. I’ve included the photo’s from Amsterdam to get you in the mood. Werk it, girls!

SO. Long story short – don’t dillydally or delay. Order your Graham & Brown wallpaper right now and get started! 

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