Now that I’m back in the mood for blogging again, I thought I’d move right along to part trois of my visit to the Braderie de Lille last summer. The world was a different place, I tell you. No masks, no social distancing, just miles and miles of antiques, vintage furniture and bric-à-brac. I took tons of pictures – but there was one photo I was too scared to take. It didn’t matter, I wouldn’t have shared it online, anyway. So, here’s what went down. I was walking along the stalls in the park, just minding my own business until I saw one of the vendors sitting with his shirt off in a foldable camping chair. And he had this giant ball belly with an outie belly button that protruded so much it looked more like another part of the male anatomy, if you catch my drift. You can imagine I had to look twice! Didn’t think you’d end up reading this story when all you wanted was some info on the Lille Flea Market, now did you? Oh, and don’t get me wrong – I’m far from perfect, myself!

Enough with the navels, let’s look at the photos I took at the Braderie de Lille!

Ceramic statue at the braderie de lille

Boo! I think 360 euro’s is a tad steep for this ceramic object, but it’s still fun to look at.

vintage terrace chairs

These two terrace chairs are très chouette and have just the right color.

cognac leather conference chair

This conference room chair takes me back to the time when I had a boss who would drink Asbach Uralt on the job. Scary!

mid century club chairs green

Buy this sofa and two matching club chairs and bing, bang, boom – you’re done!

majolica planter

I love a good Majolica planter!

needlepoint stool

I tried needlepoint once but didn’t have enough patience for it.

upholstered chairs

Ooh, la, la…la, la, la, la, la! Check out the upholstery on these two chairs.

yellow coffee service at the Braderie de Lille

Why buy some cheap knock-off at Zara Home when you can buy the real deal at the Braderie Lille?

Jema Holland Ceramic Fish

The price for these two Jema Holland ceramic fish at the Braderie de Lille is about right – and I should now, because I wrote about them once when I worked for Gevonden op Marktplaats. Good times!

vintage orange formica table

The orange table is to die for. I’m not sure the orange stools would be very comfortable, though.

ceramic pillar with stork

They sure don’t make them like they used to! I’m sure this thought will go through your mind at least a dozen times at the Braderie de Lille. Guaranteed!

Ceramic swan

Swanee, how I love you, how I love you!

Hollywood regency lamp

To be honest, I don’t really know what sort of vegetable this lamp base is supposed to look like but it sure looks nice.

shell pots

Shall I shell out on this shet…eeh set…of shell covered pots?

Can you imagine serving soup from this tureen? Or better yet, lamb stew!

doll in chair

Please be a doll and get out of the way so that I can take a good look at the chair you’re sitting on.

easter island statues

After I got home from the Braderie de Lille, I Googled the Easter Island statues and found out that a truck crashed into one of them last March.

bitossi rimini blu

You can’t go wrong with Bitossi Rimini Blu!

hollywood regency bowl

This bowl would sure make a splash on my dining room table. Why I left it shining on its own at the Braderie de Lille is frankly a bit of a mystery, now that I think of it.

ceramic fruit bowl elephant planter

I can’t decide which one I like best: the ceramic fruit bowl or the elephant planter!

So, you want even more photos from the Braderie de Lille? I’ve got them right here!