Sunday October 18, 2:30 PM – Blogging live seems to be a Herculean task when you’re being whizzed around Eindhoven at breakneck speed! We’ve been to Hallenweg, the Van Abbemuseum, London Calling (woohoo) and Piet Hein Eek so far.

DDW15-07-Kiki-van-EijkAn overview of London Calling with Conversation Piece by Kiki van Eijk in the front.

Sunday October 18, 8:55 AM – Rise and shine! I slept like a baby and am ready to take on the world. And that world includes day two of the Dutch Design Week International Press Tour. DDW15-04-Sectie-C This is what I felt like after a wonderful dinner at Sectie C last night. Tired!!!! – but don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time. Sectie C seemed like the place to be at night and I’m definitely going back there next weekend for some great food and a camp fire. After dinner, we went to Club C. Check this out: DDW15-05-Club-C

  Saturday October 17, 18:45 PM – It’s getting, it’s getting, it’s getting kind of hectic! No more time to update the blog I’m afraid. Check out my Instagram feed for all the pictures and video’ from this afternoon… Saturday October 17, 13:55 PM – I loved them last year, and I’m definitely loving them again this year. The designers of Dutch Invertuals are totally amazing. I’m going back here again on Wednesday for an interview. DDW15-03-Dutch-Invertuals Saturday October 17, 12:30 PM – My feet are tired, but my soul is rested! Well, not really – I’ve seen so many great things at the Dutch Design Academy and spoke to so many wonderful students that my head is reeling. Dan Adlesic definitely sported the coolest look of the Graduation Show. And of course, I also loved his project. But more about that later! DDW15 Dan Adlesic Oh and then there was this…

So, gentlemen… Would you use the Cremaster as a masturbation device? #DDW15 #Dutch #Design Week in #Eindhoven #GraduationShowDAE   Een foto die is geplaatst door Interiorator (@therealinteriorator) op

 Saturday October 17, 10:50 AM – We’ve arrived at Dutch Design Academy where we’re about to see the Graduation show. Exciting stuff! Saturday October 17, 10:30 AM – Rossana Orlandi’s assistant DESPERATELY wanted to use my Macbook when she saw I was blogging live at Kazerne. Apparently Rossana was about to miss her flight – glad I was able to help her out! 😉 Saturday October 17 9:30 AM – We’ve arrived at Kazerne, where its curator and co-owner Annemoon Geurts is welcoming us with open arms. This location was one of my favorite locations of Dutch Design Week in 2014, so let’s see what they have in store for us this year! Dutch Design Week 2015 Caroline Wilcke - Kamerrekwisiet /// More on Interiorator.comCaroline Wilcke – Kamerrekwisiet   Saturday October 17, 07:05 AM – As I sit here on a very, very early train to Eindhoven, I’m going through the schedule for the press tour one more time. The program starts at 9:00 AM sharp with a welcome by Martijn Paulen, director of DDW and Raffaela Vandermühlen, Head of Brand Strategy and PR. Oh, and Makkink & Bey – who are the ambassadors of #DDW15 – will be there for a Meet & Greet. Why take it easy when you can start off with a bang, right?

Friday October 16, 9:30 AM – I am blogger, hear me roar! I’m very proud to announce that Interiorator is one of the official bloggers for Dutch Design Week 2015. Together with six fellow bloggers, I will be blogging and Instagramming the shit out of the coolest and most cutting edge design event in Europe. You’d better believe it!

I’m kicking off #DDW15 on Saturday morning with the official international press tour. Yes, this blogger is all grown up and just like last year I’m going to enjoy an amazing whirlwind bus tour of Eindhoven together with the some of the best design writers in the world. And if that isn’t excitement enough, I’ve decided to go all out and blog LIVE all weekend. So, check out this page whenever you can to see all the highlights of Dutch Design Week through the eyes of yours truly!

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Dutch Design Week 2015

I will be in Eindhoven for a whopping four days. First, I’ll