What’s another year? Well, in the world of Big Art it’s only nine months! Last year’s edition of curator Anne van der Zwaag’s annual exhibition was in September…and now we’re in June and a brand-new edition is already coming up. Can you believe it? To get you in the mood, I thought I’d finally sit down and share a few of the photos I took last year. Here they are!

You can visit Big Art between Friday 24 June and Sunday 26 June 2022 at the Hembrugterrein in Zaandam – just north of Amsterdam.

Big Art 2021

Adalbert Gans Wachters Big Art 2021

You may be wearing a really cool metallic blue coat, but seriously – you’re in the way, woman! I need to take a photo of the ‘Wachters’ by Adalbert Gans like right now.

Adalbert Gans Wachters Big Art 2021

That’s better!

Casper Verborg at Big Art 2021

This beautiful diptych by Casper Verborg called Anagnorisis – which, in case you were wondering, is the moment in a play when the character makes a critical discovery. Had to look it up myself, to be honest! Of course, Anna Gnorisis would also make for an excellent name for a drag queen.

You came for big art, you got big art! Did artist Rutger de Vries made this work, called Remix, especially for Big Art? Remind me to ask him myself the next time I run into him at Capital C in Amsterdam. Last time I saw him was at the opening party of Capical C and OMG I’m sooooo embarrassed I still haven’t published the blogpost I’m halfway done writing about it – but that’s another story.

Artist Rutger de Vries

Here’s Rutger de Vries as captured by yours truly during the opening party of Capital C – LOVING the sweater!

Frans Franciscus at Big Art 2021

This was a very Zeitgeisty painting by Frans Franciscus, as you can see. And let me tell you, I don’t want to THINK about going back to wearing a mask later this year.

Herman Lamers at Big Art 2021

A giant ostrich with blue legs and a tutu – it’s all in a day’s work for Herman Lamers.

Sigrid Calon at Big Art 2021

You know, I’m working at a total makeover of my bedroom at the moment (minor detail: I don’t have enough money yet to finish it) but this giant tapestry by Sigrid Calon would have looked perfect in my pre-makeover bedroom, don’t you think?

Freerk Wilbers at Big Art 2021Freerk Wilbers at Big Art 2021

Diamonds! Or is it Diamond? Judging from their website, the people over at Root Gallery can’t seem to make up its mind about the title of this mesmerising work by Freerk Wilbers. But hey, who cares? It’s big and shiny and frankly, that’s all that matters to me.

Jade van der Mark at Big Art 2021

If only, IF ONLY, I won the lottery I would go to art school and learn how to paint like Jade van der Mark.

Yani and Julian du Perron at Big Art 2021Yani and Julian du Perron at Big Art 2021

Wait, I’m confused now. According to the Big Art floorplan this installation should be by Yani and Julian du Perron. But weirdly enough, I cannot find anything online. Oh well, I guess the meaning of their work will always remain a mystery.

Marleen Sleeuwits and Cindy Bakker at Big Art 2021

These tennis balls on a pallet were part of an installation by Marleen Sleeuwits and Cindy Bakker. I totally loved it, but wondered who would actually buy something like this.

Lotte van Lieshout at Big Art 2021

OMG What happened here? Did artist Lotte van Lieshout accidentally on purpose tear off part of her painting

Lise Sore at Big Art 2021

It’s the artist I love to hate – and hate to love. Lise Sore’s work was the first thing you saw during the 2020 edition of Big Art. I found these new works equally intense in a very non-gezellig way, but hey – you have say that this artist is very, very talented.

WhiteNoiseDADA at Big Art 2021

Was I the only one who instantly thought of fish tank gravel when they first saw these giant pieces by WhiteNoiseDADA? I bet I wasn’t!

Bas Coenegracht at Big Art 2021

I would totally buy this painting by Bas Coenegracht. Tons of stuff to look at – perfect for any living room, especially mine.

Jimi Kleinbruinink at Big Art 2021Jimi Kleinbruinink at Big Art 2021 Jimi Kleinbruinink at Big Art 2021

On to my hands down favorite work at Big Art – and oh, how I adored Jimi Kleinbruinink! I sometimes find myself really shallow and childish for liking colorful art with pretty lights and moving parts, but I can’t help myself!

Zalán Szakács at Big Art 2021

Right next to Jimi Kleinbruinink’s work was this equally hypnotising work by Zalán Szakács. The woman you see here stepped right into it and certainly seemed to be having a good time. Needless to say, I totally respected her privacy and photographed her from the back because that’s who I am.

Esmee Seebregts at Big Art 2021Esmee Seebregts at Big Art 2021Esmee Seebregts at Big Art 2021

Artist Esmee Seebregts had not one, but TWO works on display at Big Art. And they were both fabulous!

Freddie Soethout at Big Art 2021Freddie Soethout at Big Art 2021

Look, it’s me in the reflection of this mirrored piece by Freddie Soethout!

Femmie Duiven at Big Art 2021 Femmie Duiven at Big Art 2021

Yes, but what is it? That is what I wrote when I first saw Femmie Duiven’s work at Object Rotterdam back in 2018. And you know what? This new work made me ask the exact same question. Did I care not knowing the answer? Hmmm…no, because Femmie’s art is stunning.

Lique Schoot at Big Art 2021

These selfportraits by Lique Schoot reminded me I still have a photo lying around of myself as a young boy with a towel wrapped around my head like a turband.

Katin Korfmann at Big Art 2021

Katrin Korfmann’s Wastescapes is a commentary on the enormous amount of garbage images we all produce every day. I feel you, Katrin!

Iwan Smit at Big Art 2021

Aaah yes, Iwan Smit! Did you know you can actually rent two of his works through Kunstuitleen Rotterdam?

Eirik Jahnsen at Big Art 2021 Eirik Jahnsen at Big Art 2021

Isn’t it funny how this work by Eirik Jahnsen looks totally different depending on the space it’s in? Check out his website and you’ll understand what I mean.

Zwier Cornelissen at Big Art 2021

I just looked up a photo of Zwier Cornelissen online and it turns out that this is a series of self-portraits. Pretty amazing stuff, right?

Herman Lamers at Big Art 2021

This giant conch shell resting on three mattresses was yet another great piece by Herman Lamers (he of the ostrich in a tutu you’ve already seen).

Vincent de Boer at Big Art 2021

These giant drawings by Vincent de Boer were a fitting and beautiful conclusion of Big Art 2021. Can’t wait what the 2022 edition has in store!