It’s a bit of a cliché, I know. But it’s true nonetheless. Things come and things go. Sometimes they never return. But then other times they slowly find their way back into our hearts. The Pallone by Dutch furniture manufacturer Leolux is one of those chairs that had undeservedly dropped off my radar– until last month, that is. You see, Leolux had invited me to come and see the new Pallone Paradise at their exhibition stand at the vtwonen&designbeurs in Amsterdam. Little did I know that I would fall back in love all over again.

Leolux exhibition stand /// InterioratorBrightly colored illustrations by Olaf Hajek at the Leolux exhibition stand in Amsterdam

Picture it. The Netherlands, 1989. The House of the Future in the town of Rosmalen had just opened with great success. Developed by Dutch TV legend Chriet Titulaer and designed by architect Cees Dam, it proudly showcased all the latest technological advances in the Netherlands – voice-activated light switches, flatscreen tv’s and yes, it even had a rooftop rainwater harvester. Needless to say, it was riveting stuff that was far ahead of its time. The interior design of the House of the Future was possible even more cutting edge. Its absolute eyecatcher was a futuristic-looking leather club chair that seemed to float miraculously above the ground. It was the Leolux Pallone and it was custom-designed by Roy de Scheemaker for the House of the Future.

Now flash forward again to October 2016. I’m gradually starting to get used to my newly single status and ready to go full steam ahead with another makeover of my apartment. As I approach the Leolux exhibition stand, I notice how now it looks. Wherever I turn, I see not only beautiful Dutch-made furniture, but also lots of colorful art against dark backdrops. Right up my alley! And just like in the House of the Future, the Pallone is once again the undisputed star of the show. This time around though, it is not only surrounded by technology – it takes full advantage of all its possibilities.

Leolux Pallone Chair /// Interiorator

I particularly liked this creme, mustard and chocolate brown leather Pallone.

The Pallone, you see, has become customizable with tons of options to make it one heck of an individual design statement. In fact, I dare you to go to the Leolux Creator page and create a Pallone Personal that you don’t want to order right now. You can choose from over one hundred leathers and over 180 different fabrics. And if that isn’t enough, you an even choose what color stitching you prefer. Phew! After you order, some of the most experienced craftsmen in the Netherlands come together at the Leolux workshop to make your one of a kind Pallone Personal Chair. Miraculously, it only takes them four weeks to produce and ship it to your home. Pretty amazing, if you ask me. To get you inspired, let me show you some of the combinations I came up with:


I wanted to start easy when I first opened the Pallone configurator. Since army green is a big trend in fashion at the moment, I thought I’d try to design something similar. The result after a few minutes of tinkering looks pretty great, don’t you think?

pallone-olive-green-01pallone-olive-green-02 pallone-olive-green-03

What I liked best about my first design is that I could use fabric for the back and two types of leather for the seat. How do you like these subtle shades of red? Notice by the way how detailed the renderings are – it makes it very easy to get a good feel for what your design will look like in real life.

pallone-red-01 pallone-red-02 pallone-red-03

Back to black! The Matrix fabric tickled my fancy, which made me want to do a black and dark grey version of the Pallone.

pallone-black-01 pallone-black-02 pallone-black-03

Memphis is still hot, hot, hot. And that is why it comes as no suprise that I tried out a bright blue and white version. Looks pretty nifty, don’t you think?

pallone-memphis-01 pallone-memphis-02 pallone-memphis-03

Yellow leather is not something you see every day. But with this version of the Pallone you certainly can. I softened it a bit by combining it with a Kvadrat light grey fabric.

pallone-yellow-01 pallone-yellow-02 pallone-yellow-03


If you prefer to keep things nice and easy, there’s also the all-new 2016 Pallone Paradise collection. Leolux has a long tradition of working with artists – which is exactly why it has asked German illustrator Olaf Hajek to work his magic by drawing eight beautiful birds and then use them as inspiration for the new 2016 Pallone colorways.


I ended up choosing the Baby Owl – I love the combination of the subtle beige and biscuit seat leather seat with a whiter than white back. The chairs that make up the Pallone Paradise collection fly right to your front door in eight days. If that isn’t an amazing combination of lining fast technology and traditional Dutch craftsmanship, I don’t know what is.

The comeback of the iconic 1989 Leolux Pallone club chair /// More on

And here it is – my very own Pallone Paradise Baby Owl in all its glory. It looks totally perfect with my white carpeting and soft grey and gold wallpaper. I didn’t want to keep things too muted though (you know me) and so I decided to move the two striped Ditty Ketting paintings from my hallway to their new spot next to my Pallone chair. After all, things come and they go. Although I’m pretty sure the Pallone is going to stay in my new bachelor pad for quite some time. All Pallone am I!