Let’s hear it for Alexandra Schijf! My favorite food stylist also happens to be one of my best friends – and so when Alex told me a while ago she was working on a new blog called Serve With Cream I thought this would be the perfect occasion to introduce you to her amazing work.

Alex and I met in 2011 when we volunteered to help out at the Home Trade Center exhibition. We spent the entire day painting and talking and found out we had a lot in common. We were both studying at the Artemis Styling Academy, hoping to making to make a much-needed career change and of course, we both had big plans for the future. So here we are now, it’s 2013 and it looks like we made it!

I’m sharing some of the pictures you took for Serve With Cream (some of them together with Eveline van Schie of course) just to show everyone how great you are  – here’s to our friendship!

Alexandra Schijf

We’re both deeply into deep, dark colors.

Alexandra Schijf

Ah yes, brunch at Lof der Zoetheid. Sweet memories!


So, this is Hills & Mills in Delft? I must go there more often!


Hometown in The Hague – best slow coffee in town.


Blueberry banana icecream, I gain weight just by looking at this yumlicious picture.


Coffeemania Amsterdam Slotervaart