This is where the magic happens! You, my trusted reader, are going to have a great week here on In the coming days, I will be posting the pictures I took last Friday of the home of interior designer extraordinaire Abigail Ahern. Today, we’re starting with Abigail’s hallway and staircase. As you can see, every inch has been painted in a beautiful shade of grey . The walls, the floor and yes, even the ceiling have been painted out in Downpipe by Farrow & Ball. Now, the trick to make this work well is to decorate in such a way that everyone who visits is mesmerized by everything they see and don’t know where to look first. I was overwhelmed by all the art, flowers, lamps and vases. Absolutely gorgeous.

Join me tomorrow as we explore Abigail Ahern’s living room and dining room.

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All photography by Interiorator / Patrick Kooiman

At home with Abigail Ahern – part 1

Abigail Ahern home

This is the first thing people see when they come to Abigails’s home in Islington, London.

Abigail Ahern home

Lots of things to look at in the hallway! 

Abigail Ahern home

Notice by the way that if you put up a mirror, it’s always nice to have something interesting reflect back into it!

English bulldog lamp

A particularly nice lamp if you’re a dog person. 

Viintage tapestry

This tapestry looks lovely, don’t you think? It also improves the acoustics in a wooden staircase – so this is definitely a type of ‘two birds with one stone’ kind of situation, if you ask me. 

Abigail Ahern home

Artificial flowers, why not? They last longer, you don’t have to water them and they don’t mind if they don’t get enough sunlight. 

white deer on wall

A giant moose head hanging over the doorway (I thought I’d point it out to you).

Abigail Ahern home

Who said that the walls of a staircase should be empty? Certainly not ‘La’ Ahern!