Yesterday, I gave a presentation about my book at the vt wonen&designbeurs in Amsterdam. I still can’t get used to the clumsy name for what is the Netherlands’ biggest interior design fair, but hey – you don’t hear me complaining. After all, it was a packed house and I had a lot of fun signing books after my talk was over. One of my favorite chapters in my book is about vintage furniture dealer Babette Kulik. We had such a lovely time together when I interviewed her in London. Looking back, however, we didn’t spend too much time talking about how buying vintage is so much better for the environment than buying new stuff. Let’s face it: every time you buy something used, probably means that you’re not buying something new. Trees don’t need to be cut down, cargo ships no longer have to sail from China all the way to your neck of the woods and polar bears won’t drown just because you wanted to buy a new table. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing with you eighty items I saw recently at Europe’s biggest outdoor vintage fair – the Braderie de Lille.  And I sincerely hope that I can convince you to do your part to save our planet.

vintage ceramic table

In the right context, this Seventies table could definitely work.

vintage fireman's helmet

An interior decorator friend of mine uses vintage fireman’s helmets like this one as decoration and they look amazing.

Brass pots

These brass pots are perfect for plants!

vintage garden chairs

I could definitely see these chairs in my garden. If I had one, that is.

Bright yellow planter

This bright yellow planter box got quite a few likes when I shared it in my Instagram Stories.

vintage floral table

Who needs an IKEA nightstand when you can buy this?

vintage modular bookcase

This modular bookcase is definitely an eyecatcher, which is something every space needs.

space age furniture

Plastic used to be so futuristic!

garlic plate

I can’t really tell if that dish is supposed to look like an onion or garlic. Either way, I should have bought it.

animal teapot

This could be the beginning of a beautiful collection of animal teapots.

black green coffee service

This coffee and cake service set looks totally fierce in black and bright green.

ceramic fruit trend

I feel a ceramic fruit trend coming on.

Vintage shell lamp

I kept seeing shell lamps like this one this summer – not just at the Braderie de Lille, but also at the antiques market of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

vintage blue lamp base

Sometimes you have to look a bit more carefully if you want to find something nice like these blue ceramic table lamps.

vintage bust female

I’m not really sure where this bust comes from, but I do know it would look amazing in a modern home.

blue vases

So much nicer than all those low-quality vases at Zara Home, don’t you think?

Ceranuc fruit

More ceramic fruit!

ceramic boobs

Oh la la!

vintage kids desk

This is the perfect desk for your kid’s room.

chinoiserie credenza

The dogs, the Chinoiserie cabinets – what’s not to like?