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Yes you can! Crowdfund Dutch design with CrowdyHouse

Selling your finished product is the biggest challenge facing young designers today. I’ve talked to quite a few of you over the last two years and you’re all pondering the same questions. Where do I sell my work? Where is that sweet spot between producing my work cheaply enough to keep up with demand but without having to keep a huge inventory? What is an honest price for my design that allows me to make a decent living? Consumers, on the other hand, are always on the lookout for new and original work that doesn’t break the bank. By offering a fair deal to both designers and consumers, CrowdyHouse might just be the solution.

Now, crowdfunding is not an entirely new concept – but combining it with Dutch Design is! I spent some time browsing the CrowdyHouse site this weekend and found a lot of new work that I didn’t know. I’ve included some of my favorites along with the names of the designers.


Industrial lights by Klaas Design


Pressed vases by Studio Floris Wubben


Blokjebank by Ridder & Clown


Klein Stipmos by Lizan Freijsen


Concrete by Renate Vos

Tim Vinke

Big Foot by Tim Vinke


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