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Who run the world? Girls.

Seriously, where would the world be without women? Nowhere, I tell you. Nowhere! There should be more women in politics, at the top of the corporate ladder – and Goddess knows America could use one at the White House. In honor of the fairer sex (or is that sexist to say now?), I bring you a selection of amazing girls who run the world – well, my world at least.

Who run the world? Brenda Dickson.

I know, I know. Vanity Fair seriously took out the piss of Brenda Dickson last week (and I have to admit, they did so in a deliciously catty way) – but you know what? The former soap actress was way ahead of today’s vloggers with her camptastic 1987 video Welcome to My Home. 

Girls who run the world - Brenda Dickson

Who run the world? Zadie Xa.

On a more serious note, prints of this ultracool work by artist Zadie Xa’s were sold in London for 100 minutes only last Saturday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to snap one up myself – so let’s hope the organizers of the Fashioning Frieze on Mount Street event read the mail I just sent them asking if they could see their way clear to sending me a copy. Fingers crossed! For now, I’ll have to make do with the Zadie Xa website.


Who run the world? Wendy Goodman.

“What we can learn from Doug’s apartment is that your given situation does not have to be the situation that you accept and live with.” True that, Wendy Goodman, Design Editor of New York Magazine and maker of a series of YouTube video’s that YOU. HAVE. TO. WATCH. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Wendy Goodman before -Eurotrash Philistine that I am – but that does give me the advantage of not yet having read all her work in the New York Magazine archive.  I may just stay in today and do just that. And when I’m done, I’m going to order Wendy’s book May I Come In?

A photo from Wendy Goodman’s book – and a delicous one at that! 

Who run the world? Anne van der Zwaag.

Dutch curator Anne van der Zwaag puts together amazing art exhibitions like it’s nobody’s business. As you may know, I interviewed Anne for my book. In her Utrecht home she told me all about her childhood in Africa and how she became the fabulous woman she is today. Now, Anne is also a bit of a style icon as you can see from the photo I took of her after the interview. And I can’t wait to see her again during her new exhibition, called Big Art. It’s on only for a few days, but since it’s held in what was once one of the Netherlands’ most notorious prisons, I’m sure you can free up some time to go to Amsterdam this weekend.

Who run the world? Sherihan.

One of my favorite pastimes when I am abroad, is to watch obscure TV channels I can’t watch at home. It was in this lilac bedroom in Morocco this summer that I discovered a Al Aqsa TV and stumbled upon a singer – nay, a superstar – whose name I could not read. I asked my friends on Facebook if they knew who this  was, but to no avail. I searched all over YouTube – female Arab disco singer, Eighties Arab variety show, mystifying Arab kitsch TV  – but came away empty-handed. Finally a Moroccan friend of mine here in Rotterdam asked his mother a few weeks ago if she could solve my mystery. And she solved it for me! So, without further ado…here’s SHERIHAN.

Who run the world? Aiyanah.

And finally, I would like to quote Whitney Houston and say that I believe that children are our future. Just look at Aiyanah, fashion model extraordinaire for the new Dutch ‘it’ bags. I got this photo from Donkey Land in my mail earlier this week and was instantly smitten. And I just might pick up a Donkey Land bag next time I’m in Amsterdam.




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