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What becomes a legend most? Blackglama!

First things first: People who wear fur are pure evil. That being said, I have to admit that these vintage Blackgama ads are the best thing I discovered on the internets this week. Well, that and the man who made a movie interviewing himself 38 years in the future.  Oh, and the fact that Marco Rubio would like to sit down and drink a beer with Malala, who of course is a Muslim teen. Anyway! It’s been a long, long day and so I’ll leave it up to you to check out all the ins and outs about Blackglama fur and their long-running ‘What Becomes a Legend Most’ campaign on the special Wikipedia page. Can you guess all the Hollywood starts in the pictures below?

BTW – don’t you think these pictures are just begging to be framed and hung on a very prominent wall in your living room? I know I do! And in case you’re wondering how I found out about Blackglama…here’s your answer!

Aaaand…if you like this sort of stuff, you really should check out this Gloria Swanson blogpost – it’s an Interiorator evergreen!

Blackglama Barbara Stanwyck Blackgama Carol ChanningBlackglama Barbra Streisand Blackglama Bette Davis   Blackglama Ethel Merman Blackgama Faye Dunaway  Blackglama Diana RossBlackgama Liza MinnelliBlackgama Joan Crawford Blackgama Judy Garland Blackgama Lena Horne Blackglama Lilian Gish Blackglama Lucille Ball Blackglama Maria Callas Marlene Dietrich /// More on   Blackgama Raquel WelchBlackglama Ann MillerBlackglama Debbie ReynoldsBlackglama Lana TurnerBlackglama Lauren Bacall1976_graham_nureyev_fonteyn


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