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Wayne Thom

Although I can’t tell you why just yet, I’ve been exploring Seventies Modernist interior design lately. One of the first websites Google came up with was that of the amazing architecture photographer Wayne Thom. I spent that last couple of nights looking at all the crisp new office and hotel interiors Mr. Thom photographed in the Seventies and was amazed how clean yet warm everything looked. Of course the excellent photography also helped to get that message across.  We tend to think of the Seventies as a mostly taste-free decade with brown bellbottoms and orange platform heels, but as you can see there was also a lot of beautiful design around. With some pictures I’m not really sure if the furniture it strictly Modernist anymore – but I’m sure my friends at Modiste Furniture can help me out.

If you’re into architecture photography or if you’re looking for interior design that is a little off the beaten path compared to all the safe pastels of 2013 – then look no further than

PS: Just going through all of Mr. Thom’s projects of the Seventies took me two nights. I’m going to take some more time next week to go through Mr. Thom’s photographs from the Eighties – I’ll keep you posted!


7211_0659_83_Bank_of_America_Atlantic_Richfield 7301_0672_21_Allergan 7301_0676_49_National_Bank_Tower 7301_0676_50_National_Bank_Tower 7301_0676_51_National_Bank_Tower 7306_0715_28_Pacific_Mutual 7509_0942_41_Woodland_Information_Center 7509_0943_66_Houston_Center 7509_0943_70_Houston_Center 7509_0943_76_Houston_Center 7509_943_Houston_Center_04 7610_1021_38_Queen_Street_Office_Building 7610_1021_46_Queen_Street_Office_Building 7611_1029_39_Hyatt_Regency_Phoenix 7611_1029_40_Hyatt_Regency_Phoenix 7611_1029_42_Hyatt_Regency_Phoenix 7611_1029_43_Hyatt_Regency_Phoenix 7805_1198_22_Pacific_Terrace_Theater 7805_1198_24_Pacific_Terrace_Theater 7908_1323_51_B_Of_A_Data_Center_S_F 7908_1323_52_B_Of_A_Data_Center_S_F 7911_1342_76_Law_Courts_Goverment_Center_Robson_Sq Denver_Tech_Center_Building_5_6.sized Kona_Surf_Resort_2.sized Kona_Surf_Resort_3.sized


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