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Walking down DesignBLVD

Can anybody tell me what is the opposite of fierce competition? Could it be fierce collaboration? Because that is exactly what I felt when I met Francis Coumans of last week. We had coffee at Westerpaviljoen, aka my office because I do all my business appointments there (it’s across the corner from where I live – how convenient!) To outsiders we must have looked like we met for a blind date and instantly hit it off – which was kind of true, in a strictly platonic way of course. DesignBLVD is a collaboration between Francis and her good friend Kim van Brenk. Together, they write about – no surprises here – design and designers. There is a very handy design guide and an excellent blog which you really should check out. It’s in Dutch, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just looking at the pictures. And of course, you can always run the article through Google Translate if you really want to know what they’re writing about.

I’m going to take a walk down DesignBLVD from time to time and share my favorite items with you. I’m starting with these absolutely amazing Nola lamps I found on DesignBLVD a while ago. They were designed by Studio Drift for the new – they kind of look like those belljars from last year’s Kandors exhibition at the Stedelijk, don’t you think?

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