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VELUX ® – Designing with Daylight

As all interior stylists will tell you, a good design starts with light. Just walk into any room that has too many dark corners and you’ll notice straight away. I have one of those corners in my kitchen. I’ve tried fixing the problem with spot lighting – but who want to have the lights on all day, right? Luckily, I live on the top floor of my building, so a remotely-controlled roof window by VELUX ® is definitely an option I’m considering at the moment – especially now that it’s almost winter and the days are so short. In the summertime, on the other hand, I get so much daylight that it can get excruciatingly hot at home. This problem is only going to get worse next year because – as you may know – I’m going to paint out the walls and ceiling in a beautiful dark blue that is sure to attract a lot of heat. Luckily, Karim Rashid has designed some beautiful matching blinds for VELUX that are going to keep the daylight and the heat out whenever I want.

I’ve included a few images from the VELUX website to give you an impression of their product range – they’re really good at designing with daylight, don’t you think?

This post is sponsored by VELUX.


cabrio KarimRashid_Velux Picture 2_0 Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 11.25.03_0 Velux2


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