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Tropicana Rotterdam Revisited

It’s ruins porn with a tropical twist – last weekend I snuck into the abandoned Tropicana covered swimming pool in Rotterdam (please don’t tell anyone, okay?). What was once a subtropical swimming paradise and the favorite day out for practically anyone who grew up in the city is now reduced to empty swimming pools, dead plants and rust. I can’t tell you how weird it was to walk around the building. I felt excited and sad at the same time – and also a little scared because I’m pretty sure I was not supposed to be there. Because it was such a spur of the moment plan to enter Tropicana, I didn’t bring my camera. I did have my phone with me, however, so at least I could take some halfway decent pictures.

I’m pretty sure the building will be torn down in a couple of years but for now it’s going to be turned into a temporary urban greenhouse, which is a very cool and zeitgeisty solution if you ask me. The outside pool has already been re-opened and is now the Picknick Aloha Bar. You can visit this bar daily between noon and 11PM.  If you’re careful you can sneak into the building when no one is looking.

I’ve included some pictures I found online just to give you an impression of what Tropicana looked like in its heyday. Weird stuff.

Tropicana Rotterdam

Tropicana Rotterdam Tropicana Rotterdam Tropicana Rotterdam



Tropicana 02 Tropicana 03 Tropicana 04 Tropicana 05 Tropicana Tropicana Tropicana Tropicana


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