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Timothy Oulton 9 Straatjes grand opening party

So, last night I was at the grand opening party of the new Timothy Oulton store in the famous 9 Straatjes area of Amsterdam. It was a tough job as you can see, but someone had to do it! It was freezing cold outside but from the moment I stepped past the two guards in bearskin hats I felt all warm and tingly inside. I love all things Timothy Oulton – it’s such a distinct brand with great products and perfect visual merchandising. Now Patrick, I hear you ask, weren’t you at another Timothy Oulton store in Amsterdam a while ago? Why, yes – and thanks for asking! You see, while the huge Timothy Oulton flagship store is just outside the city center of Amsterdam, this miniature spin-off store in right in the middle of the 9 straatjes area. It’s definitely smaller – but certainly does not lack in the style department. In fact, I loved the cosy atmosphere of this store. Nice detail by the way – and not that you’d care – but the store has dark grey painted out ceilings with the very same Lival spotlights I’m using in my almost finished hallway makeover.

Anyway, as you can see, a great time was had by all. Lots of champagne, British cheese and licorice and some very nice live music. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift by the way, I can definitely recommend the Timothy Oulton scented candles. I got one a while ago and not only do they smell great, they also last a long time.

The Timothy Oulton 9 Straatjes store is open now – you can find it on Runstraat 22.

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