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Three homes and a little bonus – the whimsical styling edition

I like my interiors whimsical – so sue me. Minimalism, not for me. Scandinavian style, what a snoozefest! But whimsical, now that’s a style I can get behind! It takes a lot of imagination and a little bit of courage to leave the beaten path and go for something completely different. And God knows I’ve made some horrendous mistakes along the way. But you know what? It’s all in the game! And so to get you in the mood, I’ve collected my favorite pictures from three whimsical apartments. Enjoy!

Whimsical styling number one: An apartment by Robert Passal

So, I found this apartment designed by Robert Passal a couple of days ago on Domaine Home. The wall colors are quite neutral, but the styling is WAY over the top. Just the way I like it.

Robert Passal Whimsical apartment 02 Robert Passal Whimsical apartment 03 Robert Passal Whimsical apartment 04 Robert Passal Whimsical apartment 05 Robert Passal Whimsical apartment


Whimsical styling number two: DJ Pil Marques apartment by Guilherme Torres

A little less frou frou than the Robert Passal apartment above, but still nice ’n whimsical is the home of Brazilian DJ Pil Marques designed by Guilherme Torres. I discovered this place through the blog by my friend Johan because he posted a picture of the bathroom) and then I found even more pictures on Yatzer.  Loving the pink ceiling by the way!

Guilherme Torres 01

Guilherme Torres 04

Guilherme Torres 06 Guilherme Torres 07 Guilherme Torres 08 Guilherme Torres 09

Photo’s by Lufe Gomes

Whimsical apartment number a book actually!

Yowsa! This new book called English Eccentric by Ros Byam Shaw definitely is high on my birthday wish list (are you reading this, Patrick W.?)

English-Eccentrics-interior-books-My-Friends-House English-Eccentrics-interiors-books-My-Friends-House English-Eccentrics-interiors-books-My-Friends-House1


And a little whimsical bonus!

Check out this bonus Brazil photo feature on the website of AD España. Muy whimsical! And can anyone tell me who is that cool looking guy in the leather chair?


AD Whimsical 01 AD Whimsical 02 AD Whimsical 03 AD Whimsical 04


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