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Thonet All Seasons outdoor chairs…come to papa!

Now that my living room makover is done (can’t believe I’m actually writing this) and spring will soon be in the air, it’s time to start thinking about my terrace. Right now, it’s an empty Chernobylesque wasteland devoid of any taste. My terrace is inhabited by two rusty old chairs from the cheap Swedish big box furniture store that shall remain unnamed – and not much else. The things is, the chairs aren’t even that old. Two, three years max I’d say. And already they look totally horrible. What a waste of 50 euro’s that was. Sheesh! Time to start looking for something more durable, something more design-y. I sit down behind my desk, turn on my ever so tasteful Foscarini lamp, rub my beard and start daydreaming about the perfect terrace. First, I’d find a way to make the godawful building I live in look a little bit better. You see, I live on the top floor of a late Eighties Dutch apartment block with what only can be described as morning urine yellow details. Wait, I know! I need plants! Lots and lots of plants! I saw this picture of the Barbican in London last week and loved the hanging plants on the lower floors of the building. That might do the trick. I rub my beard a little harder and squeeze out another lightbulb moment. How about those Thonet All Season chairs I saw at IMM Cologne last month? Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing!!!

Trespa PalaceThis is the charming late Eighties monstrosity I live in. Seventies Brutalism is making a comeback in 2016, so I’m hoping my building will be all the rage in about ten years. I know, I’m an optimist.

BarbicanYes, we Barbican! These hanging plants at the Barbican in London would be a great way to start my 2016 terrace makeover. 

Thonet All Seasons terrace chair /// More on Thonet now has outdoor versions of their iconic Bauhaus chairs called Thonet All Seasons and all I can think is…Come to papa! Well, as soon as papa has saved up enough money,that is.

Here’s a video of the new Thonet All Seasons collection. Don’t forget to get a washcloth before you press ‘play’ – there will be drool. I promise. 

And now for my final Thonet All Seasons trick!

Pretty cool stuff, huh? And now for my final trick will show you every Thonet All Seasons picture I could find. Niet omdat het moet, maar omdat het kan. There isn’t an interior design magazine in the world that could to this because they simply don’t have the space. But I am blogger, hear me roar. I have all the space on the internets and can do whatever I want. So there!

Thonet_All_Seasons_1 Thonet_All_Seasons_2 Thonet_All_Seasons_3 Thonet_All_Seasons_4 Thonet_All_Seasons_5Thonet_All_Seasons_6 Thonet_All_Seasons_7 Thonet_All_Seasons_8 Thonet_All_Seasons_9 Thonet_All_Seasons_10 Thonet_All_Seasons_11 Thonet_All_Seasons_12 Thonet_All_Seasons_13 Thonet_All_Seasons_14 Thonet_All_Seasons_15Thonet_All_Seasons_S_33_black_turquoiseThonet_All_Seasons_S_33_black_whiteThonet_All_Seasons_S_33_CushionThonet_All_Seasons_S_33_yellow_greenThonet_All_Seasons_S_34_black_whiteThonet_All_Seasons_S_34_white_redThonet_All_Seasons_S_34_white_yellowThonet_All_Seasons_S_35_CushionThonet_All_Seasons_S_35_N_CushionThonet_All_Seasons_S_35_warm_grey_greyThonet_All_Seasons_S_533_blackThonet_All_Seasons_cushion_detail_1Thonet_All_Seasons_cushion_detail_2Thonet_All_Seasons_detail_2Thonet_All_Seasons_detail_3Thonet_All_Seasons_S35_Detail_1Thonet_All_Seasons_S35_Detail_2

But wait…there’s more!

When I was at the Thonet exhibition stand at IMM Cologne, I also took some pictures of their indoor classics. I was especially enamored with the S826 totally rocking rocking chair – and who can blame me?

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