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The Surface Pro 3 is the holy grail of computing

tl;dr – You really should consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 3! How many screens do you have at home? At the Interiorator residence, we have three laptops, one tablet, one desktop computer and two TV screens. And you know what? I don’t feel comfortable using any of them. Laptops are nice if I need to get work done whenever I’m not at my desk – but their screen size sucks when I want to read an online magazine through Zinio. I either have to look at two pages simultaneously and not be able to read the print or I have to constantly zoom in and out. My tablet solves that problem – but I have typing on a virtual keyboard. I use my desktop whenever I need to get things done  – and although its screen is big enough to watch a Netflix movie on when I’m done, I don’t think I’d be very comfortable. Well, what about those two TV screens then? Good for movies and games – but not much else. Enter the Surface Pro 3!

The Surface Pro 3 is a full computer!

Sure you can run apps on the Surface Pro 3. But you can also download all you trusted programs and use them to your heart’s content. And yes, that includes Photohop and Illustrator – I gave it a try and the Surface Pro 3 had no problem handling them. The stylus came in handy whenever I wanted to draw on the touchscreen. And with the optional docking station, I could easily hook up the Surface Pro 3 to my desktop screen.

Surface Pro 3 /// Photo by


The Surface Pro 3 is a tablet!

Here comes my favorite part and I’m sure you’ll love it too! Take off Surface Pro 3 magnetic keyboard and voilà – you have one big-ass tablet. With a twelve inch screen I was finally able to read my favorite interior design magazines on Zinio without having to constantly zoom in or out. First World problem fixed! Oh and by the by, in case you’re wondering which magazine I like best, it’s AD España.

Surface Pro 3 /// Photo by

The Surface Pro 3 is quite a looker!

Take a close look at the Surface Pro 3 keyboard. Doesn’t it look great? Mine was purple, but it also comes in blue, black and red. With a slightly soft back It also felt great, by the way (I know this sound a little weird but there you go).

Surface Pro 3  purple keyboard /// Photo by

The Surface Pro 3 is the Holy Grail!

I can’t wait until I accidentally drop my busted up laptop, I lose my tablet and my desktop gives up the ghost. After all, wouldn’t that be the perfect moment to get the Surface Pro 3?

I’d love to know what you think of the Holy Grail of computing!


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