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The all new CitizenM Rotterdam Hotel

Staying at a hotel in your home town really is like a twelve-hour mini business trip. I met up with ten of the biggest and best bloggers from Rotterdam last Wednesday at the CitizenM Rotterdam – and got to spend the night at this all-new boutique hotel in the city center. I love the concept of CitizenM– and I’m not just saying they were kind enough to foot the bill. The rooms at CitizenM are small but very comfortable and well thought out.  Mine had a lovely view over the historic Oude Haven area to boot. The size of the rooms keeps prices affordable and encourages you to spend your free time in the huge, perfectly styled lounge area that comes complete with the latest Vitra furniture, iMacs and the best design books and magazines. Perfect for a relaxed night working on your own – or for a casual business meeting. I had a great time listening to what all the other local bloggers had to tell about their work – and of course I was very proud to show everyone all the great stuff that’s been going on lately here on

I’ve included a list of all the bloggers who attended – it’s great to see so many talented news, fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers from the same city. Check them out – I’m sure you’ll like them.

PS: For more info about CitizenM, go to http: //



Bogue – great local news and lifestyle

Broodnuchter – a creative culinary collective with a very popular Facebook page

Copy Culinair – a behind the scenes food blog by copywriter Erik Gille.

Creatieve Kwesties – retail design and more by Femke Cuijpers

De Rotterdammert – great in-depth human interest stories from Rotterdam

De Buik van Rotterdam – the excellent food blog by publicist Wim de Jong

Hotterdan – the biggest local fashion blog

Ik Rotterdam – highly original illustrations and my personal favorite. Shout out to Evalien!

I Know This Great Little Place in Rotterdam – the Rotterdam edition of the hugely popular Facebook page

Venour – Art, media, communication on a kick-ass website

Vers Beton – great local news and in-depth stories.

And last, but certainly not least, check out the website of creative producer and good friend Valerie Kuster.

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