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Back in the saddle at TEFAF 2017

There is nothing I like better than getting up at the crack of dawn and do some blogging. And that is exactly why I’m so glad six gruesome months are now firmly in the rearview mirror. I had the day of my life last week at the prestigious TEFAF 2017 fine art fair in Maastricht. Yup, I was back in the saddle and lovin’ every minute of it. Jets had flown in from all over the world, the rich and famous were hobnobbing like there was no tomorrow and thanks to a 14-euro Kruidvat train ticket and a press accreditation I boomin’ and zoomin’ all over the place. Ha!

TEFAF 2017 Galerie Flore featuring Herve Van der Straeten /// More on TEFAF 2017 Galerie Flore featuring Herve Van der Straeten /// More on

First stop – Flore de Brantes. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to what is always my favorite exhibition stand at TEFAF. Will you just take a LOOK at this console by Hervé Van der Straeten and then tell me you’re not drooling? I could have pulled up a chair then and there and looked at it for hours on end. 

TEFAF 2017 - Jesus statue at Jaime Eguiguren Arte y Antigüedades /// More on

Your own personal Jesus – for sale at Jaime Eguiguren Arte y Antigüedades. 


A big old MARY! – once again at Jaime Eguiguren. BTW, at the time I’m writing this blogpost, their website is down. What a shame – I was totally ready to buy this statue. 

TEFAF 2017 - Prosper d'Epinay

The fact that I totally fell for this polychrome terracotta female bust is the definitive proof I’m the gayest gay in the gay universe. Not that I care. It was made by Prosper d’Épinay who was born in – get this – the town of Pamplemousse on Mauritius. So glamorous and exotic at the same time! You can buy at Talabardon & Gautier, unless I win the lottery tonight. Because if I do, I’m going to beat you right to it. Oh and in case you’re wondering, Talabardon & Gautier are so cool, they don’t even frickin’ need a website – so BCBG!  


Look, it’s Anderson Cooper’s great great grandsomething or other! I saw ‘Concert in Saratoga Springs, New York; The Vanderbilt Family’ by Franz Dvorak and that was literally the first thing that came to my mind. You can snap it up at Berko Fine Paintings in Knokke, Belgium. 

TEFAF 2017 Carolle Thibaut Pomerantz

I’m a 47-year old award-winning design blogger and even I get intimidated at TEFAF sometimes. I wish I had plucked up the courage to enter the Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz vintage wallpaper and decorative art stand – but alas, I am but a simple broke faggot with too much good taste for his pocket book. 

TEFAF 2017 - Weiss Gallery

Okay, granted. This photo of the entrance of the Weiss Gallery exhibition stand will certainly not win any award. At all.  But, BUT! It gives you a damn good impression of what your living room would look like if you painted out all the walls and ceilings in bright red.

TEFAF 2017 brown walls white carpeting

Dark brown walls, white carpeting. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Sorry I can’t remember the gallerist.

TEFAF 2017 - dog statue

How much is that doggie in the window at the Daniel Katz Gallery? Well, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. 

TEFAF 2017 - Vanderven Oriental Art

Vanderven Oriental Art never lets me down at TEFAF. 

TEFAF 2017 - Gallerie Perrin four-poster bed

If only I could catch some zzz’s at this four-poster bed at Gallerie Perrin! I can dream, can’t I? I certainly can – in my IKEA Malm bed for now. 

TEFAF 2017 Galerie NeuseTEFAF 2017 - table at Galerie Neuse

Germany 12 points! This display at Galerie Neuse looked pretty darn spectacular. 

TEFAF 2017 Bust

Once again, I wasn’t paying attention when I took this photo. It does look cool, doesn’t it? I wonder how I would look in an outfit like that. 

TEFAF 2017 - Ceramic object by Giovanni della Robbia at Gallo Fine Art.

Yep – this is my new bathroom mirror. At least that’s what I wrote on Instagram when I saw this ceramic object by Giovanni della Robbia at Gallo Fine Art.  


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