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Take it from me, you really need a good portrait photo!

Picture it! Antwerp, 2012. Photographer Jacqueline Louter-Hoos and I sit down on a sunny terrace. We’ve just interviewed and photographed the amazing designer Gert Voorjans at his home and are giddy with excitement that everything went so well. Jacqueline takes out her camera one last time and takes this picture of me. She captures my mood perfectly. I’m happy, I’m in the moment and it shows.

Now, Jacqueline and I don’t see each other a lot but we have a lot in common. We both have a fondness for dark colors, we’re both building on our second creative career and we’re both having a bit of a breakthrough this year. Jacqueline’s beautiful photography is getting published left and right and I am sure that in a year or so I’m going to have to ask for her autograph. I interviewed Jacqueline a while ago for my blog page at the website of Dutch department store de Bijenkorf and she was kind enough to take some new portrait photographs of me. I don’t consider myself Playgirl material so you can imagine how pleased I was when I saw the result. I looked great! And so do all the other people who have their picture taken at the Jaxpix studio.

Long story short – you *really* need to go to and schedule an appointment to have your portrait photograph taken at Jacqueline’s studio in Delft. A good photo of yourself is perfect for your LinkedIn profile, your resumé or most importantly – your mother! And let me tell you, a session with Jacqueline is more affordable than you think!

PS: I’ve included some of Jacqueline’s other work as well – isn’t it great?

jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie | Patrick Kooiman

_MG_1999_webversie GJ web jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie | Irène Diependaal jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie |Sander Tideman jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie | Lucia Rijker jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie | portret van mevrouw Saen

And here are some of my personal favorites of Jacqueline’s other work:

jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie |construction jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie | icarus red feathers jaxpix | jacqueline louter fotografie | safe


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