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Stuffed meatballs with stoemp at Balls & Glory

What we like most about our meatballs is that they are filled with the things we love – that is the slogan that greets you from the street at Balls & Glory in the Belgian city of Ghent. And with its delicious handcrafted stuffed meatballs, this place hits the sweet spot between an affordable lunch and a great restaurant concept.

I decided on the mushroom and truffle filling – which was not an easy choice, since the Balls & Glory website also lists the mosts original stuffings I had ever heard of. Apple and cane sugar, endive with mustard, red cabbage with pear, chervil and bacon – I sit here writing this blogpost at 7:30 in the morning and I get hungry just about writing the fall / winter collections. Yes, that’s right – Balls & Glory has different collections of meatballs that are served with either salad or a side order of stoemp – which is Flemish for mashed potatoes with vegetables.

What makes Balls & Glory extra super dooper cool is that the balls are prepared and served in the open kitchen at the center of the restaurant. I asked our host Ruben about how Balls & Glory had come up with this original concept – and it turns out it was all a bit of a coinkydink since the place also serves a cooking studio during the weekends. Ha!

BTW – If you don’t have the time to travel all the way to Ghent or Antwerp – don’t worry. You can make your very own stuffed meatballs with the Balls & Glory cookbook. And don’t forget to go to for all the other stuff you can do in Ghent!

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