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Studio Job Godiva Valentine’s Day giftboxes

I am a forty-five year old man who wants heart-shaped designer pralines for Valentine’s Day. I reached this horrifying conclusion on a crowded 7:55 AM commuter train between Rotterdam and Amsterdam this morning – the place I do most of my blogging. However, once you’ve seen these special Studio Job Godiva Valentine’s Day giftboxes and their deliciously sweet Japanese TV commercial, I’m sure you’ll understand me perfectly.

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These pink and lilac kaleidoscope babies contain the following fondants – EXTREME CAUTION –  please make sure you won’t drool all over your keyboard.

  • Strawberry Fondant: A flowing wild strawberry fondant covering a light, creamy white chocolate ganache with ripe, tangy wild strawberries, enrobed in milk chocolate.
  • Dark Chocolate Ganache: An intense and harmonious combination of a delicate dark chocolate fondant and a dark chocolate ganache made with our 64% Costa Rica origin chocolate, covered in a fine shell of dark GODIVA chocolate.
  • Praline Fondant: A flowing hazelnut praline with a sublime fondant effect combining smoothly with a creamy milk chocolate praline coated in GODIVA milk chocolate.
  • Caramel Orange Fondant: A beautiful flowing orange and caramel fondant combined with a delicate Peru origin 64% chocolate ganache, where the orange brings a note of freshness and combines well with the milk chocolate couverture.
  • Cafe Au Lait: A splendid combination of coffee beans and smooth milk chocolate topped by a coffee fondant, enrobed in dark chocolate.
  • Tahiti Vanilla: A strong and characteristic vanilla from Tahiti with fruity and floral notes blends perfectly with the velvety flowing white chocolate fondant, covering a white chocolate vanilla ganache and enclosed in a white chocolate shell.  This all-white chocolate reflect purity and perfect balance.




Studio Job Godiva fondant 01 Studio Job Godiva fondant 02






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