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Stroopwafels with Alex at Stroop Rotterdam

“In case you’re bored, I’m already here!”  – I read the text message my good friend and food stylist Alexandra and got on my bike to Stroop Rotterdam. I had to check the address twice – Mathenesserweg is not exactly a street where you’d expect a pop up coffee & stroopwafels place. Now, all of my non-Dutch friend are probably wondering right now: Interiorator, what is a stroopwafel pray tell? Well, dear readers, a stroopwafel is a Dutch specialty that consists of two (preferably hot) thin biscuits held together by a layer of delicious caramel that is bound to eff up your Weightwatchers ProPoints count for the week (don’t ask me why I know that). Alexandra – or Alex as most of her friends call her – was in Rotterdam yesterday afternoon to visit all the new coffee places in the city for her food blog Serve with Cream. Stroop was the last place on her list and so we had some time to relax and catch up. We talked about all the amazing things we’re both working on. There’s a cookbook that’s coming out early next year that Alex did all the styling for – and of course there’s the article in the February issue of Elle Eten. I told Alex about the very cool Intratuin project I’m doing and showed her my hands that seem to have a permanent Smurf blue hue to them from all the painting I’ve been doing at home.

Now, I rarely take pictures of what I eat – Alex on the other hand routinely takes pictures of everything she puts in her mouth. We had some slow coffee and shared three stroopwafels. I’m pretty sure the pictures will show up on Serve with Cream soon if you want to know what a Stroopwafel looks like. High on sugar and caffeine, I had a look around and took some pictures with my phone. Should have brought my camera! As you can see, Stroop has a great selection of local and / or vintage design. I especially liked those little knit animals – did you know that you support our local animal protection service when you buy one?

I’m definitely going back to Stroop soon – it’s such a cool place! If you want to know more, go to the Stroop Facebook page. And, of course, check out Serve with Cream to check out Alex’ blogpost!

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