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Stockholm – Feasting on the Leftovers

When a good friend of mine announced earlier this week that he’s moving to Stockholm, I almost turned green with envy (not necessarily a bad thing since – after all, green is the color of the year).

I’ve liked that city ever since I drove there all the way from my hometown Rotterdam in the Netherlands two years ago to organize the launch party for Goliath Sportswear.

Anyway, here are some leftover pictures I took in Stockholm. Tomorrow, I’ll give you an exclusive look behind the scenes at a photoshoot for which I did the styling recently. Exciting stuff!

Have a great day everyone!

Have a great day everyone!

Stockholm bits and pieces 01
The Sunday morning flea market in front of the PUB department store where Greta Garbo once worked.

Stockholm bits and pieces 02
Mamma’s what? I really should have bought this jar at the Stockholm Stadsmission!

Stockholm bits and pieces 03
More stuff I regret not buying at the Stadsmission

Stockholm bits and pieces 04
Cute, right?

Stockholm bits and pieces 05
Taking a rest under the chestnut tree on Gämla Stan, Stockholm’s old central island.


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