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Still loving the Lampe Berger!

Scented candles. Reed diffusers. Incense sticks. You name it, I’ve tried them all in an effort to make my home smell nice. Call me old-fashioned if you must, but I love a tidy home with a nice home perfume. No matter what product I’ve used through the years however, I always come back to a true classic: the Lampe Berger.

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I got my first catalytic lamp, oh…about ten years ago from my mother in law.  A while ago, I thought it was high time for a replacement (of the Lampe, I hasten to add, because I love my mother in law very much of course). My original Lampe Berger was still working perfectly and had been used with almost every scent they’d ever released – but I figured it was time for a change. After all, you don’t put your flowers in the same vase for years on end either, now do you? My new bright red Lampe came with a book about the history of the Lampe Berger, of which I knew very little.


Wow, I never knew there were so many great-looking Lampes Berger! Now I want them all! Oh and did you know that Baccarat Lampe Berger on the right was recently auctioned for a whopping 610.000 euro’s? 

And so right after lighting my new Lampe for the very first time this weekend, I sat down on my sofa and spent a couple of hours (I kid you not) reading about the rich history of an amazing brand. While the subtle scent of Étoile d’Orient filled my living room, I recognized every design style of the twentieth century in the Lampe Berger collection: the steamlined curves of Art deco, the orange floral patterns from the Seventies and of course the brightly-colored Memphis patterns from the Eighties. I totally understand how people collect Lampe Berger – and to be honest with you, I started feeling a little Bergermania myself!

Lampe BergerVINTAGE KAKEMONO.jpgDo you get Bergermania from the new Vintage Collection? I know I do!

With its new Vintage Collection, Lampe Berger pays hommage to its rich history. Faceted shapes that make me think of whiskey decanters, gold and silver colored details…I feel an addition to my collection coming on!





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