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Stefano Pilati’s Paris apartment

If you’re the creative director of fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna, chances are that your interior will look pretty cool as well, right?  Stefano Pilati’s Paris apartment  certainly does not disappoint! I can spend hours looking at interiors like these, analyzing what is it that makes them not good, but great. And then I usually put my hands over my face and think to myself: I have so much to learn. To add to my anxiety, I am going to start teaching first-year allround styling students at the famous Artemis Academy in Amsterdam. Aaargh! I realize my lesson for the day is that good teachers apparently never stop learning themselves.

I’ve added my thoughts underneath every picture – let me know in the comments section what you think.

Stefano Pilati apartment

And here we are inside Stefano Pilati’s apartment. The color palet borders on drab (I’m surprised I’m writing this) but the fuchsia-colored socks give this picture some bang.

Stefano Pilati apartment

Cool accessory number one: the dog, obviously. Other than that, notice how there are only a few colors in this room: the turquoise wall, the yellow chairs and some red flowers. This is how it’s done.

Stefano Pilati apartment

The doors to the balcony were painted out in the same turquiose color – which give this room a calm and luxurious feeling (even though the color is quite out there). I would have painted out the ceiling as well by the way, but there you go.

Stefano Pilati apartment

The picture frames are arranged kind of symmetrical – but not quite. It’s a good balance between harmony / symmetry and eclectic / asymmetry


I wonder what the story is behind this particular combination of pictures on the wall – if there is any. Again, a limited color palet with one noted exception: the lobster in the corner.


I guess no home is perfect – I find this dining room pretty dull to be brutally honest.


Leather tiles in the kitchen, whatever next? That mirror has the perfect color to bring out the gray and brown color scheme.


Black windows – interesting. In fact, the entire room is black and white except for that bright yellow dresser on the right. Coincidence? Methinks not.


Love the Love cushion on the bed frame. Little touches like these make a room look individual.


This room would be nowhere without that shag rug.

Source: Architectural Digest

Photography: Björn Wallander


  1. Really very preety interor. Look different and stylish with perfect combination. Thanks for sharing.

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