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Springtime is here – not that I have time for it!

Spring can really hang you up the most – remember that song? I never really got it. I mean, what’s not to like this time of year? The days get longer, you can sit outside again and of course you can start jogging (I’m still plucking up the courage but I’ll get there). The thing is though, you need to have time to actually enjoy springtime. And sadly, time is in short supply at the Interiorator residence at the moment. Not that I’m complaining! In fact, I’m really, REALLY excited about all the good things that are going to happen over the next few months! Let me tell you about all the great things I have lined up.

A new writing gig for Trademart!

First of all, I’m proud to announce that starting this week, I’ll be writing about interior design, lifestyle and jewelry for Trademart, one of the Netherlands’ leading retail wholesale platforms. In fact, as soon as I’m done writing this blogpost, I’m of to the Trademart Voorjaarsbeurs, an event in the city of Utrecht where the leading brands in home accessories, cooking and other segments will present their latest collections. And yes, I know it’s going to be very sunny today but no, I don’t have time for any of that sunlight.

Trademart Utrecht

An interview with Sheila de Vries!

Legendary fashion designer! Former queen of QVC! And I get a chance to interview her next Friday! Sheila de Vries has just released her first furniture collection for Prominent and it looks absolutely great.

TEFAF here I come again!

Oh boy, I’m so looking forward to going to TEFAF in Maastricht again. Fantastic art that you will never, ever see at a museum, eccentric millionaires who make for great people watching AND an opportunity to bump into leather daddy cum interior designer extraordinaire Peter Marino again. I mean, what’s not to like? Here’s the blogpost I wrote last year to get you in the mood.

Tefaf 2014 108

Yes, that’s Peter Marino alright – let’s see if I bump into him again this year at TEFAF! 

My Quooker feature in VTWonen magazine!

I love Quooker! I’ve had one for years and so when VTWonen asked me if I wanted to do an feature with Quooker for their April issue, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a race against the clock to finish the makeover of my kitchen in time for the photoshoot – but I made it! Quooker will be back in about two weeks to shoot a few short video’s in which I show how I use my new Quooker Fusion. And of course I’ll be blogging about the joys of Quooker as well!

A press trip with Ruinart!

Champagne! Champagne for EVERYONE! I’m going to France in two weeks on my very first press trip. Ruinart, which is the oldest established Champagne house in the world, has invited me to come over to their world famous cave in the city of Reims. Ruinart is of course well-known for working together with the world’s best designers like India Mahdavi, Patricia Urquiola and Maarten Baas. And this year is going to be no different. I’m not sure if I can tell you who this year’s collaboration is going to be with, but I can assure you that I’m going to interview him in his Paris studio.


A feature in Residence!

Another month, another milestone. My interview with said mystery designer in Paris is also going to be published in Residence, which is one of my favorite interior design magazines in the world. It’s been a longtime ambition of mine to get a feature published in an interior design magazine and so you can’t believe how proud I am.


And other feature in More Than Classic!

And if that isn’t enough, the photo’s I took last year at the amazing Boca do Lobo Suite at the Hotel Infante Sagres in Porto are finally going to be published in More Than Classic Magazine. You’ll have to wait until June for that one, though.

More Than Classic

Nest thermostats!

Spring may not necessarily be the best time of year to put one of those Nest thermostats to the test- but I’m going to do it anyway. After all, spring nights can get pretty chilly here in the Netherlands and of course there’s that Prince song Sometimes it Snows in April, right?

Nest thermostat

Finally, I’m going to Milan!

Can you believe I’ve been blogging about interior design for more than three years now and that I’ve never been to the Salone del Mobile? Well, neither can I! But this year, I’m finally going and I’m going to have a great time together with my husband Patrick, with all the other bloggers who are going and no doubt also with all the new people I’m going to meet.

Salone del Mobile



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