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So, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Liz Taylor and Linda Evans walk into a bar…

…they sit down and the bartender asks them: “Hey beautiful ladies, how are you? To which Zsa Zsa replies: “Oh like my underwear – depends! But seriously dahling, I turned 99 years old this week and for my birthday this Dutch blogger called Interiorator promised to publish these rare photo’s and video’s of my fabulous Bel Air Home as it was back in the Eighties. Ruby Wax stopped by once. And even Oprah dropped a visit! You really must check them out!”

Zsa Zsa Gabor home in Bel Air Zsa Zsa Gabor home in Bel Air

And then Liz Taylor says: “Let me tell you something, bartender. Even though I’ve been dead since 2011, I have this new book coming out called My Elizabeth and it looks guh-reat. It’s by a guy named Firooz something or other and it features so many great pictures from different periods of my life. It features photo’s of my home and of my many, many trips abroad. God, I’d totally forgotten I went toShiraz in Persia in the Seventies. Here, let me show you, bartender. And if you want to know more, head over to this article on Architectural Digest. Now fix me a drink – stat!”





firooz-zahedi-elizabeth-taylor-book-01 (1)

firooz-zahedi-elizabeth-taylor-book-06 firooz-zahedi-elizabeth-taylor-book-08 firooz-zahedi-elizabeth-taylor-book-09

Finally, the bartender turns to Linda Evans and asks: “Didn’t you play Krystle Carrington on Dynasty once?” And then Linda replies: “Why yes, thank you for asking! After my umpteenth catfight with that bitch Alexis, my face needed some serious rejuvenation and so I developed my very own Rejuvenique mask. You should try it some time!”

Rejuvenique 01 Rejuvenique 02 Rejuvenique 03RejuveniqueFaceMask



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